Indonesian vanilla products are well-knownin the worldwide market for their unique flavor profile. The islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali, and Papua are the largest vanilla bean producersin Indonesia. These beans boast a blend of sweet, creamy, and smoky notes, with hints of chocolate, caramel, and tobacco.

Indonesia’s production capacity allows it to be a significant player in the global vanilla market. In fact, it is reported to be the second-largest vanilla producer in the world, following Madagascar.

Historically, vanilla has played a very important role in Indonesian culture

Vanilla has played a significant role in Indonesian culture for centuries. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, vanilla was first introduced in 1819 as part of a garden collection at the Bogor Botanical Garden. By the 1960s, vanilla plantations flourished on the island of Java, leading to the beans’ global recognition as “Java Vanilla Beans.”

Production eventually spread to other parts of Indonesia, including Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, and Papua, starting in 1864. In 2020, vanilla plantations covered an area of 9,291 hectares, with production reaching 1,412 tonnes

Sweet victory in Italy! Adore Vanilla proudly emerges victorious, claiming the Innovation Award in the Organic/Free Form category at Sigep.

Adore Vanilla was one of the companies facilitated by ITPC Hamburg at the Biofach 2024 exhibition.

Adore Vanilla was one of the companies facilitated by ITPC Hamburg at the Biofach 2024 exhibition.

Why Indonesia vanilla is so good?

With its consistent flavour, unlike other vanilla, Indonesian vanilla is suitable for cooking at both high and low temperatures. Climate, soil properties and drying methods all contribute to the unique, smoky flavor of Indonesian vanilla. In some regions vanilla is grown in areas rich in volcanic material. These volcanic components make the surrounding soil nutritious for growing crops

Moreover, Indonesia is a tropical country, which means it has sufficient sunlight for the drying process. The result is beans that are slightly less pliable than other Planifolia varieties, yet the strength of the pods produces a rich and strong vanilla caviar, which sustains its unique flavour and aroma qualities.

How to I find trusted vanilla bean suppliers?

Our main task is to promote Indonesian products. ITPC Hamburg is ready to help you find trusted vanilla suppliers from Indonesia. In addition, we can assist you if you want to import any products from Indonesia.

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Indonesia Trade Promotion Center Hamburg will participate in the Fruit Logistica 2024 exhibition for the second time, taking place fom 7-9th February 2024 in Berlin Messe at Hall 26 Booth F-44.

FRUIT LOGISTICA is the world’s most important trade fair for the fresh produce industry and its direct access to the global market. At FRUIT LOGISTICA you can find the complete range of products, services and technical solutions from every part of the value chain – whether in seed, fruit and vegetable development or packaging and automation. The fair covers the entire spectrum of the value chain – from the producer to the consumer.

Featured Co-Exhibitors:

To get to know our co-exhibitors, please download the Product Catalogue below:

PT. Nusantara Segar Global

PT. Mega Inovasi Organik

Why Attend?

  • Connect with industry leaders: Exhibitors from 90+ countries and trade visitors from 140 countries.
  • Explore the entire value chain: From producers to consumers, Fruit Logistica covers it all.
  • Unveil the latest trends: Discover cutting-edge products, services, and innovations shaping the global fresh produce market.

Join us for an immersive journey into the heart of Indonesian agriculture and innovation. Your presence will make this event even more special! See you there!

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Biofach is an annual event that provides an opportunity to learn about the organic market and to exchange ideas with others. Biofach 2024 will be held from 13 to 16 February 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany. Following successful participation in Biofach 2023, ITPC Hamburg is collaborating with the Indonesian Ministry of Trade’s Directorate General of National Export Development to participate in Biofach 2024. As part of the Indonesian Pavilion, 11 co-exhibitors will display a variety of quality products such as tea, beans, rice, spices, coconut derivatives, etc. in Hall 3A-310.

To get to know our co-exhibitor companies, please download the Product Catalogue below

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This year, Indonesia will once again participate in Ambiente, scheduled to take place from January 26th to 30th, 2024, at Messe Frankfurt. The Local Business Export Coaching (LBEC) Program is a collaborative initiative led by CBI, in partnership with key entities such as the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industry Association (HIMKI), and National Crafts Council (Dekranas). The CBI in The Netherlands is providing support for the program.

Nine Indonesian companies will showcase their products in the pavilion, namely: PT. Panelindo Graha Nusantara, CV. Haramas, CV. Gangga Sukta, CV. Anugrah Acintya Gumelar, CV. Kate Mas Handicraft, CV. Knes Sejahtera, CV. Mendong Jaya, PT. Koloni Timur, and UD. Hasibuan Designs, located at Hall 10.1 FOY02.


This collaboration was established with the aim to increase the capacity of local stakeholders and Indonesian business actors in improving the quantity and quality of products and strengthening the positioning of Indonesia’s Home Decoration products in the market, specifically the European Market. This collaboration is carried out by bringing together all existing local resources to implement the development of Indonesia’s Home Decoration sector. CBI trains the local project partners in preparing for and carrying out promotional activities. CBI achieves a long-term effect by investing in the local capacity building of trainers and coaches, enabling them to forward their lessons learned to many other trainers and coaches. After this training, they are enabled to build capacity among a large number of home decor and home textiles businesses in the future.

Ambiente 2024 aims to promote the sustainable and original essence of many Indonesian products and companies under the overarching concept named “The Origin.” It provides a platform for these businesses to showcase their unique offerings and foster connections in the global market.

Facts about Ambiente:

Ambiente in Frankfurt is one of the largest international fairs for the consumer goods sector. It is held every February in Frankfurt Messe, Germany. More than 140,000 visitors and close to 5,000 exhibitors participate each time. The last few editions saw a more than 3% increase in visitors year to year. Over 50% of the buyers and trade visitors come from outside Germany. Exhibitors from 95 countries display the latest products during Ambiente. The three main product groups at Ambiente in Frankfurt are Dining, Giving, and Living. Dining focuses on kitchen and kitchen trends, housewares & storage, table contemporary design, trade, and decorations. Giving has a big international range of products related to gifts, beauty, bath, accessories, and health. The Living category covers a broad spectrum of home consumer goods: interiors and decoration, seasonal decoration, outdoor living, loft, home garden products, and more.

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Indonesia is an island country that has more than 17 thousand islands and has a total area of approximately 1.9 million km². The largest islands in Indonesia are Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua. Each island of Indonesia has a different culture and language, as well as the coffee in Indonesia. Each coffee in Indonesia has a different flavors and different ways to enjoy the coffee.

How much is Indonesia producing coffee?

Based on a report by Indonesia’s Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), Indonesia’s coffee production is expected to reach nearly 795 thousand tonnes in 2022, reflecting a 24.21% increase from 2015 when coffee production was nearly 640 thousand tonnes. In 2022, South Sumatra emerged as the largest coffee-producing province, contributing a total production of up to 212.4 thousand tonnes or 26.72% of the total national production

How many types of coffee are there in Indonesia?

Single origin is used for coffee cultivated from a particular region. The term single origin is used to recognize the coffee character of each region. Here are some single-origin coffee from Indonesia and sorted according to major islands in Indonesia (source: Indonesian Consulate General in Chicago):


  1. Aceh Gayo
  2. Sidikalang
  3. Samosir
  4. Smalungun
  5. Lintong
  6. Mandehling


  1. Java Preanger
  2. Ciwidey
  3. Puntang
  4. Sindoro Sumbing
  5. Temanggung
  6. Jampit
  7. Ijen Raung

Bali & NTT

  1. Pupuan
  2. Kintamani
  3. Tambora
  4. Wae Rebo
  5. Bajawa
  6. Sokoria


  1. Kubu Raya
  2. Kota Waringin


  1. Pinogu
  2. Benteng Alla
  3. Toraja
  4. Enrekang


  1. Nabire
  2. Dogiyai
  3. Cartenz
  4. Baliem Valley (Wamena)s

How Indonesian served their coffee

Typically in Indonesia coffee can be enjoyed by brewing and usually coffee is enjoyed in the morning or afternoon. However, in Aceh and Yogyakarta, coffee is served in an unusual and unique method. The method of drinking makes a special attraction for coffee lovers who want to try enjoying coffee in a different way

  • Kopi Khop
    Coffee is brewed and poured into a cup, which is then inverted and placed on a large plate.  The coffee will be served with a straw, this straw is used to blow air slowly in the glass, so that the coffee can flow into the plate. Kopi Terbalik or Kopi Khop this way of drinking coffee originated in Aceh, Meulaboh City to be precise. Historically, Kopi Khop was deliberately served upside down because fishermen on the west coast of Aceh wanted their coffee to stay safe from the waves while at sea and allow the coffee to stay clean from dust and the coffee to stay warm.
  • Kopi Joss
    Kopi Joss originated in Yogyakarta. This coffee is served with charcoal added directly into the brewed coffee cup. The addition of charcoal is believed to have health benefits and can neutralize acidity and give a subtle caramel flavor to the drink. Reporting from the Visiting Jogja page managed by the DIY Tourism Office. This drink appeared in 1968 and was served by a local street food seller named Lik Man. The unique presentation makes this Jogja specialty coffee drink very famous in Indonesia.
Kopi Joss
Source: Wonderful Indonesia

How do we connect with Coffee exporters from Indonesia

ITPC Hamburg is the representative of the Indonesian Ministry of Trade in Germany. Our job is to promote Indonesian products in Germany and help you to work with Indonesian exporters and our services are free of charge. If you are Importer from Germany and interested in buying coffee or other products from Indonesia you can contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Indonesia will once again be present at the world’s largest and most important business platform for the international food industry at the Anuga exhibition. ANUGA is a food and beverage exhibition held every two years. In 2019 the exhibition occupied an area of 284,000 sqm with more than 7,400 participants from over 100 countries and has attracted at least 170,000 visitors from more than 198 countries. This year the Indonesian pavilion will be filled by 14 co-exhibitors, namely:

In addition, there are also 4 Indonesian companies participating in the IPD pavilion, namely:

Gamescom is one of the world’s leading gaming trade fairs and exhibitions held each year since 2009 at Köln Messe, Cologne, Germany, and in 2022 was attracting more than 265,000 visitors from 100 countries. Meanwhile, the B2B area was attended by 1,100 exhibitors from 53 countries.

Indonesia’s last year participation was a collaboration between the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Indonesian Ministry of Trade, Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information, and the Association of Indonesian Game Developers (AGI), which carried the Indonesian Pavilion entitled “GotGame.ID – Games from Indonesia”.

The Indonesian Pavilion was located in Hall 3.2 on the special business area (B036G and C039G), occupied an area of 54m2 (9m x 6m) facilitating 13 game sub-sector industries consisting of 1 game publishing company, 6 game developer/studios companies and 6 service companies, from different cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bali, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Malang. A total of 9 game developers were present offline, namely Agate, Arsanesia, Big Fire Studio, Roundabout, Komodoz, Megaxus, Niji Games, UMN Pictures, and Wisageni Studio. While 4 others attended online, namely IOTA, Devata Game Production, Redamantine, and Satriver.

Ribbon cutting from the Indonesian ambassador for Germany, Mr. Arif Havas Oegreseno

The Indonesian Pavilion was inaugurated by the Indonesian Ambassador Mr. Arif Havas Oegreseno, accompanied by the Indonesian Consul General in Frankfurt Mr. Acep Somantri, Head of ITPC Hamburg, AGI President Mr. Cipto Adiguno, and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Febrianto Nur Anwari, as well as co-exhibitor representatives. The Ambassador highlighted the importance of Indonesia’s export position to Germany, which ranks 5th after Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. Especially for the Games sub-sector, Indonesia is not well known in Germany. 

During the Gamescom 2022 exhibition, Indonesian pavillion participants have succesfully met with at least 273 potential buyers from Meet to Match appointments and walk-in-buyers. This year, ITPC Hamburg is again collaborating with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to attend the Gamescom exhibition will be held in Cologne from 23rd to 27th August 2023.

Documentation of the gamescom 2022 exhibition

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Interzum 2023 exhibition is one of the largest global furniture supplier sector and interior design industry exhibitions in the world held on 9-12 May 2023 in Cologne (Köln), Germany. Indonesia’s participation at Interzum 2023 is a collaboration between the Directorate General of National Export Development with the Indonesian Trade Attaché in Berlin, Indonesia Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) in Hamburg, and LPEI Indonesia Eximbank supported by IPD – Import Promotion Desk and Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO).

A total of 6 (six) companies in the processed and technical wood sector were selected as co-exhibitors and occupied a 55 m2 Pavilion in Hall 5.1 – D38 in the Material and Nature sector. The list of participating companies are CV Ribka Furniture, PT Citra Fajar Utama, PT Sumber Sejahtera Alamindo, PT Hasil Albizia Nusantara, PT Rama Gombong Sejahtera, and PT Ratimdo Utama. While there are 2 (two) Indonesian companies were participating independent, namely PT. Ateja Tritunggal and CV. Tropika Perkasa.

Deputy Chief of Mission of the Republic of Indonesia in Berlin, Mr .Yul Edison and Secretary of the Directorate General of National Export Development, Mrs. Ganef Judawati had the opportunity for opening the Indonesian pavilion on the first day of the trade fair, 9th May 2023 which was also attended by the Berlin Trade Attaché, Head of ITPC Hamburg, and representatives from IPD and SIPPO. This was followed by the signing of the MoU between representatives of the Ministry of Trade and IPD represented by Mrs. Ganef Judawati and Mr. Frank Maul.

 “IPD Germany has been a partner of the Ministry of Trade since 2014 to transfer knowledge to develop the human resource capacity of the Directorate General of National Export Development, develop Indonesian processed plywood products according to European market trends and standards, and support promotional activities in international events, especially since Indonesian wood products have SVLK certification recognised by the European Union, ” said Ganef Judawati.

In addition, the Indonesian pavilion at this exhibition aims to promote the Timber Legality Verification System – SVLK certification. On the second day of the exhibition, the Indonesian pavilion organised a mini talk show attended by the Indonesian Ambassador, Mr. Arif Havas Oegreseno, who was the spoke-person of the talk show. On this opportunity, the Indonesian Ambassador in Berlin had the opportunity to promote SVLK Indonesia to prospective buyers and institutions in Germany who visited the Indonesian Pavilion, and highlighted the benefits of SVLK Indonesian timber which obtained green lanes facilities at the EU custom border

The event was attended by invited guests and exhibitors. During the 4 days of the exhibition, more than 500 successful trade contacts made by co-exhibitors for further follow-up. Potential buyers not only came from Germany but also from other countries such as Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, India, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Turkey. Until the end of the exhibition, there was a potential transaction worth USD 3.1 million or 46 billion Rupiah obtained by Indonesian companies.

One of the main objectives of participating in this year’s Interzum exhibition is to maintain Indonesia’s existence as one of the suppliers of furniture products in the international world, both in the eyes of buyers and fellow producers. In addition, it is also in order to take advantage of opportunities for supply chain distortions for most countries especially in Europe after the Covid pandemic. Interzum 2023 is also a place for business partners in the furniture sector to meet again after the previous 2 years of vacuum due to the global pandemic.

To get to know our co-exhibitor companies, please download the Company Profile below

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Interzum is the world leading event for the supplier section of the furniture and interior construction industry. This is where trends and visions that will create the living spaces of the future using modern materials, extraordinary design and exclusive innovations come to life.

An important feature of the trade fair is the highly international character of the exhibitors. The fair not only connects local markets, but also encourages further Internationalisation in the field of furniture and interior equipment production.

Interzum is also a great source of inspiration for product developers, designers and architects. Its comprehensive support program, complete with the awarding of the renowned Interzum awards, offers endless stimulation.

Directorate General for National Export Development will collaborate with Indonesia Trade Attache in Berlin and Indonesia Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) in Hamburg, LPEI Indonesia Eximbank supported by IPD – Import Promotion Desk and Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) to participate in the Interzum exhibition which will be held on 9-12 May 2023 in Cologne. At this exhibition there are six co-exhibitors who will occupy an area of 55 qm located in Hall 5.1 with stand number 38. The six co-exhibitors are as follows

PT Ratimdo Utama is a Rubber (Hevea brasiliensis), Jabon/Kelampayan (Neolamarckia cadamba), and Pulai (Alstonia scholaris) wood processing manufacturer which produce Finger Jointed Laminated Boards and Shinzai (issobou, nissobou) located in Medan, North Sumatra, mainly for Japanese market for more than 15 years

PT Rama Gombong Sejahtera is an experience private wood manufacturing company established since 1979. The company has 2 manufacturing sites with a total area of more than 11 Ha, both located in Kebumen, Central Java, Indonesia. Exporting to more than 20 countries, the company focuses on high quality products, with experienced human resources and supported by qualified facilities and resources

PT Sumber Sejahtera Alamindo (SSA) was established in 2008 and since then has been able to grow rapidly in various areas of the timber business.
SSA specialises in various timber products, but the main business is Merbau decking which is done from sourcing sustainable timber in Indonesia to international standard decking products delivered worldwide

Ribka Furniture is a furniture manufacturing company based in Solo, Central Java (Indonesia). For more than 20 years, the company has been producing top-quality indoor and outdoor solid teak wood furniture for customers covering the United States, Asia, and European countries. Its experienced in-house wood craftsmen are facilitated with the proper machinery to increase effectiveness and efficiency for better production

Citra Fajar Utama, a timber manufacturer and exporter since 1997. The company is a specialist in decking, flooring, mini flooring, parquet, lamparquet, finger joint and laminated furniture. Citra Fajar Utama use raw materials from various types of teak, mahogany, acacia and mixed jungle wood. The company does not use wood from plants or other sources that do not care about the environment

Hasil Albizia Nusantara was established in 2011 as a plywood manufacturer and mostly exported to the Chinese market. In 2016, the company expanded its plywood and particleboard divisions to cater to wider international opportunities. In 2020, the main export markets are the United States, the European Union, and Australia. The production facility is located in Surakarta, a major city in Central Java, Indonesia. This provides easy access to sustainable raw materials and Indonesia’s third largest port, Semarang. The production facility occupies an area of 27,000 square metres which includes log stripping production lines, plywood production, as well as raw material and product storage areas. Current production output is approximately 20,000 m3 per year.

To get to know our co-exhibitor companies, please download the Company Profile below

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The Biofach 2023 exhibition is one of Europe’s largest organic products fairs, which has been held from 14-17th February 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany. This year, 2,756 exhibitors from 95 countries and more than 36,000 visitors from 135 countries. Since year 1990, BIOFACH has been the perfect place where people sharing a common interest in organic food, find suitable partnership and exchange views. The main products on display at this event consist of organic food, organic beverages, fresh food, frozen food, grocery products, cookery and baking, snacks and sweets, technology and equipment, and raw materials and supplies. Indonesia’s participation at the Biofach 2023 is a collaboration between ITPC Hamburg, the Directorate General for National Export Development of Indonesian Ministry of Trade.

The Indonesian Consul General in Frankfurt, Mr. Acep Soemantri had the opportunity to open both Indonesian pavilions on first day of the Biofach, 14th February 2023 which also accompanied by the Directorate General for National Export Develpment (Ditjen Pen), Mrs. Merry Maryanti, and the Trade Attaché Berlin, Mr. Bayu Wicaksono. The Indonesian Pavilion occupied an area of 78 m2, ITPC Hamburg as main exhibitor with 7 (seven) co-exhibitors from Indonesia, namely Intrafood Singabera Indonesia, CV. Hugo Inovasi, PT. Natural Joy Foods, PT. Natural Indococonut Organik, PT. Kawanasi Sehat Dasacatur, PT. Harendong Green Farm and PT. Berkat Petani Indonesia. In addition, our Pavilion also facilitated PT Sumatran Organic Spice in conducting meetings with its business partners.

At this event, there also were 6 (six) Indonesian companies participating independently, namely: PT Integral Mulia Cipta, CV Multi Spices Sulawesi, CV. Permata Satria (Java Coco), Coco Sugar, Organic Foods Indonesia (OFI) AR GmbH, and Kerinci Agro (incorporated in the Import Promotion Desk Germany booth).

One of the Indonesian Pavilion participants was PT. Kawanasi Sehat Dasacatur, with their product, Kenari Nuts was awarded the best new grocery products, snacks and sweets in the Biofach 2023. PT. Kawanasi Sehat Dasacatur, in collaboration with their partner, Nungesser AG. Kenari Nuts product was shown at Novelty Stand Hall 3A, with a focus on dry food products, with selection number 4053. As Kenari nuts wasn’t yet widely known by european market and customers, the walnut product received a very good response and enthusiasm from the visitors so Biofach is a very suitable event considering that this product will soon obtain a marketing authorization as a novelty food from the European Commission.

Kenari Nuts were one of Kawanasi’s products on display at the novelty stand

Points of interest from Biofach 2023

The main purpose of participating in Biofach 2023 exhibition is to maintain Indonesia’s presence as one of the international suppliers of organic products. In addition, it is also in order to take advantage of the opportunity for supply chain distortions for most countries in Europe as a result of the Russian and Ukrainian wars and the high desire to switch from their suppliers in China. The Biofach 2023 exhibition was also a place for business partners to connect in the international organic sector. As well as meeting for business discussions, the momentum of Biofach 2023 is also used to update trends and innovations that have occurred and will occur in the organic sector.

From the results of our market research during the exhibition, products labeled organic and vegan are increasingly in demand in the European market today and the types of product innovations produced are quite varied, ranging from tofu as pasta filling, vegan tofu sausage and tofu fillet, spread or paste with a mixture of ginger and turmeric as the basic ingredients. This can also be seen at the Novelty Stand, which is a special place to display new and upcoming product innovations on the market, where there are more than 500 new product innovations displayed from various companies and countries.

ITPC Hamburg and co-exhibitors on the last day of the exhibition.

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