A. Definition

Primaduta Award is one of the Government’s programs, in this case, the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia and through the Directorate General of National Export Development, to increase the growth of Indonesian exports to global markets. One of the factors contributing to the growth of exports is the share of buyers in each respective country.

To the buyers who have been loyal in buying Indonesian products on a frequent basis (as evidenced by import transactions over a period of five years) and as such contributing to an increase of our exports, as well as developing the types of products purchased from Indonesia, it is necessary to appreciate such endeavour by awarding them an award.

The 2017 PrimadutaAward has entered its fourth year of operation.

B. Objective

To build a strong relationship and networking between buyers (overseas importers) and Indonesian exporters, so that an already established trade relations can be nurtured for as long as possible. This is necessary considering that one of the strategies of the world’s exporting countries in increasing their respective export countries is by lobbying buyers who have been buying from other countries to switch to buying products from their country.

C. Buyer’s Qualification

Qualification or criteria that must be fulfilled by the Buyer are as follows:

A.     Has been importing from Indonesia for (at least) 5 years, by stating the value and volume of imports, accompanied by proof of import transaction;

B.     Have a positive import growth trend;

C.     Provide an overview of the realization of imports and types of imported products;

D.     Provide information about imported product type up to 6 digit HS and the very first year doing import from Indonesia;

E.       Provide classification of the type of the buyer (producer or distributor);

F.       Provide information on whether the buyer is promoting Indonesian products;

G.     Provide an overview of the projected imports from Indonesia for the next 3 years (in value and volume);

H.     Provide information on whether the buyer is also importing the same product or other product from another country, equipped with the value and volume of its imports;

I.       If possible, the buyer can also share his/her beginning experience of importing from Indonesia, i.e.from small to big and finally pushing the company to be successful, how arduous and difficult the journey was, from building an image of Indonesian product to market Indonesian product. The story will/can be added to the evaluation of the judge because it can inspire other buyers to import products from Indonesia.

D. Classification of Product Type

Classifications of product types are all products that are exported from Indonesia

·         Groups of manufacturing products, consisting of: electronics, textile products, chemical products, wood products and furniture, metal products, automotive, machinery, plastic products, medical equipment, mats, rubber products, handicrafts, leather and leather products, and essential oil .

·         Groups of primary products, consisting of: processed foods, animal products, CPO and derivatives, fish and fish products, rubber, base metals, shrimp, jewelry, wood (pulpwood), cocoa and other processed products, coffee, spices, fruit, and vegetable.

Please include 6 digits HS code for all product types.

E. The Jury Team

The jury team for the assessment of Primaduta Award is composed of professional elements representing relevant stakeholders, such as professionals, practitioners and/or international economic / trade observers, academics, journalists, chambers of commerce/associates and others

F. Implementation and Monitoring

A.     The selection and verification shall be done by the Indonesian Representative Overseas, such as the Embassy / Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia/ Trade Attaché / ITPC. Nominees are sent to the Directorate General of National Export Development.

B.     At the selection, himself and the proposed list of buyers is to be prepared in a format by the committee.

C.     Buyer must also attach a copy of the contract of import with the Indonesian exporter;

D.     Buyers awarded by the Primaduta Award are the best buyers according to the assessment of the Jury and the Jury’s judgment is absolute;

E.       The number of buyers who received the Award has not been set at this point of time and it will be decided based on the direction of the Minister himself and/or the Director General of National Export Development and the result of discussion and agreement with the jury team.

F.       The criteria of 2017 can be the same as the criteria of previous years:

a.       The award representing industrial / manufacturing products (large scale), in primary and non-traditional markets; and

b.     The award representing Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) products in primary and non-traditional markets.

The number of recipient buyers of each type of product as much as 30 buyers so that the total buyer award recipients amounted to 60 buyers.

G.     The announcement of the winners of the Prima data Award will be submitted to Indonesian Representatives overseas through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as Trade Attaché / Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia / ITPC

H.     TheIndonesian Representatives will then forward information about the winner of Primaduta Award to the buyer in accordance to their respective accreditation;

I.       The Award will be given by the President of the Republic of Indonesia to the winning buyer represented by the Head of Representative R.I. From each region of accreditation. The award will be given during the opening of the 32nd Trade Expo Indonesia in 2017 on October 11, 2017 at the International Convention Exhibition (ICE) of Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) Tangerang, Banten.