The Biofach 2023 exhibition is one of Europe’s largest organic products fairs, which has been held from 14-17th February 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany. This year, 2,756 exhibitors from 95 countries and more than 36,000 visitors from 135 countries. Since year 1990, BIOFACH has been the perfect place where people sharing a common interest in organic food, find suitable partnership and exchange views. The main products on display at this event consist of organic food, organic beverages, fresh food, frozen food, grocery products, cookery and baking, snacks and sweets, technology and equipment, and raw materials and supplies. Indonesia’s participation at the Biofach 2023 is a collaboration between ITPC Hamburg, the Directorate General for National Export Development of Indonesian Ministry of Trade.

The Indonesian Consul General in Frankfurt, Mr. Acep Soemantri had the opportunity to open both Indonesian pavilions on first day of the Biofach, 14th February 2023 which also accompanied by the Directorate General for National Export Develpment (Ditjen Pen), Mrs. Merry Maryanti, and the Trade Attaché Berlin, Mr. Bayu Wicaksono. The Indonesian Pavilion occupied an area of 78 m2, ITPC Hamburg as main exhibitor with 7 (seven) co-exhibitors from Indonesia, namely Intrafood Singabera Indonesia, CV. Hugo Inovasi, PT. Natural Joy Foods, PT. Natural Indococonut Organik, PT. Kawanasi Sehat Dasacatur, PT. Harendong Green Farm and PT. Berkat Petani Indonesia. In addition, our Pavilion also facilitated PT Sumatran Organic Spice in conducting meetings with its business partners.

At this event, there also were 6 (six) Indonesian companies participating independently, namely: PT Integral Mulia Cipta, CV Multi Spices Sulawesi, CV. Permata Satria (Java Coco), Coco Sugar, Organic Foods Indonesia (OFI) AR GmbH, and Kerinci Agro (incorporated in the Import Promotion Desk Germany booth).

One of the Indonesian Pavilion participants was PT. Kawanasi Sehat Dasacatur, with their product, Kenari Nuts was awarded the best new grocery products, snacks and sweets in the Biofach 2023. PT. Kawanasi Sehat Dasacatur, in collaboration with their partner, Nungesser AG. Kenari Nuts product was shown at Novelty Stand Hall 3A, with a focus on dry food products, with selection number 4053. As Kenari nuts wasn’t yet widely known by european market and customers, the walnut product received a very good response and enthusiasm from the visitors so Biofach is a very suitable event considering that this product will soon obtain a marketing authorization as a novelty food from the European Commission.

Kenari Nuts were one of Kawanasi’s products on display at the novelty stand

Points of interest from Biofach 2023

The main purpose of participating in Biofach 2023 exhibition is to maintain Indonesia’s presence as one of the international suppliers of organic products. In addition, it is also in order to take advantage of the opportunity for supply chain distortions for most countries in Europe as a result of the Russian and Ukrainian wars and the high desire to switch from their suppliers in China. The Biofach 2023 exhibition was also a place for business partners to connect in the international organic sector. As well as meeting for business discussions, the momentum of Biofach 2023 is also used to update trends and innovations that have occurred and will occur in the organic sector.

From the results of our market research during the exhibition, products labeled organic and vegan are increasingly in demand in the European market today and the types of product innovations produced are quite varied, ranging from tofu as pasta filling, vegan tofu sausage and tofu fillet, spread or paste with a mixture of ginger and turmeric as the basic ingredients. This can also be seen at the Novelty Stand, which is a special place to display new and upcoming product innovations on the market, where there are more than 500 new product innovations displayed from various companies and countries.

ITPC Hamburg and co-exhibitors on the last day of the exhibition.

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The Fruit Logistica 2023 exhibition is the world’s largest fruit, vegetable and logistics product exhibition held annually and this year was held on 8-10 February 2023 in Berlin, Germany with the theme “All in One” and attracted more than 60,000 visitors from 140 countries in the world. This year is the first participation in the Fruit Logistica exhibition for ITPC Hamburg by occupying hall 26 with stand number C-19 in a special area for international or specifically Asian exhibitors.

Indonesia company participation in Fruit Logistica 2023

Together with two Indonesian companies CV Humitrap Indonesia and PT Evogaia Karya Indonesia, ITPC participated in Fruit Logistica Berlin. Both companies are manufacturers for packaging and storage. CV Humitrap is one of the trainee of the Ministry of Trade’s Export Coaching Programme and PT. Evogaia is one of the companies registered with InaExport.

On the same occasion, there was one Indonesian company participating independently, Java Fresh, which brought exotic fruits and vegetables from Indonesia. The premium quality mangosteen fruit at the Java Fresh booth was one of the most attractive fruits to visitors as it is rare to find in European retail markets.

The situation of both Java Fresh which is being visited by visitors

The highlights of the Fruit Logistica exhibition

One of the main objectives of Indonesia’s participation, especially ITPC Hamburg, at the exhibition is to show the international market, especially Europe, Indonesia can also create packaging products made from renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, which is a high trend in continental Europe related to environmental sustainability issues and can also enter the world logistics supply chain considering that this exhibition is also a gathering place for international logistics service players

From the market intelligence we conducted during the exhibition, the main competitors for Indonesia’s exotic fruits were Indonesia’s neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. In addition, the booths of Africa, Ghana, Peru and Tanzania showcased vegetables that are often found in Indonesia such as bitter melon, okra, chilli, tubers, shallots and turmeric. This is one of the insights for us that Indonesia’s opportunity to expand its original products to the international market is huge, it’s just that logistics and shipping fees are the main obstacles, especially for fresh fruit products.

The situation of the Indonesian booth which is surrounded by visitors

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Wo ist Indonesien?

The islands are located in the equatorial region at the transition between the Indian and Pacific Oceans and thus form the bridge between the two continents of Asia and Australia. The national territory covers a land area of 1.904 million km² and is thus five times larger than Germany. Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim-majority country. Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s largest economy. The country is a major exporter of oil and natural gas. In addition, Indonesia is one of the world’s most crucial suppliers of rubber, coffee, cocoa, and palm oil, and produces a diversified range of other commodities such as sugar, tea, tobacco, copra, and spices (e.g. cloves).

Indonesia Product Go International

While many people favorite foreign products, not many people know that there are Indonesian products that are famous all over the world. Some of these products seem to be familiar to Indonesians, such as Indomie, Kopiko, Kara, etc. In our office, there are many product samples from our export-ready product partners. These products have participated in several national and international exhibitions. These products can be viewed through our product catalog.

Indonesia Trade Promotion Centre Hamburg is ready to help you find the right partner to provide the best quality product at an affordable price.

BIOFACH is the event where people gather to share their passion for organic food and the organic market, to get to know one another and to exchange ideas – and has been doing so since 1990. The ideal opportunity for trade visitors to interact with organic producers and be inspired by the latest international trends in the industry. In 2021, precisely during the pandemic, the Biofach exhibition was held online. Due to the uncertain situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the organiser of NürnbergMesse decided to hold Biofach 2022 in July. The 2022 Biofach fair was a success with more than 2300 exhibitors and more than 24,000 visitors.

ITPC Hamburg will return to Biofach 2023

Indonesia Trade Promotion Centre Hamburg will once again participate in the Biofach exhibition. As compared to the previous event held in the summer, Biofach 2023 will be held again like the former concept on 14-17 February in Nuremberg. ITPC Hamburg will be back in Hall 3A in the category for organic food with a focus on international companies, with stand number 3A-506. In Biofach 2023, ITPC Hamburg will be present together with 7 co-exhibitors, namely

Hugo Inovasi CV

Hugo Innovation CV is a manufacturer of coconut-based products mainly coconut sugar. Hugo Inovasi produces crystallized coconut sugar, coconut nectar, coconut sugar cubes, coconut sugar blocks, virgin coconut oil, coconut chips and also provides fresh coconut. Hugo Innovation CV works closely with local farmers, communities, and business partners to consistently produce quality products. At the Biofach 2023 exhibition, Hugo Inovasi CV will bring several products, including:

PT Kawanasi Sehat Dasacatur

Kawanasi is determined to continue working with local communities across the Indonesian archipelago to source the best ingredients, explore local cultural flavours, produce and deliver authentic Indonesian artisan products that nourish local and global lives. At Kawanasi we deeply believe that food is the source of life, therefore processing food naturally is very essential in our production. This also applies to our product range: Organic Walnuts based products & Indonesian tropical dried fruit based products as well as our brand: East Forest Walnut Nuts & Bage Fruit Crisps production. At the Biofach 2023 exhibition, PT Kwanasi Sehat Dasacatur will bring several products, including:

Organic Kenari Nuts

PT Berkat Petani Indonesia

Gulapa was founded by PT Berkat Petani Indonesia. The company name comes from the mission of Gulapa namely to be a blessing and improve the quality of life of local farmers in Banyumas. Gulapa’s commitment is to ensure all products are of the highest quality. Especially the organic coconut sugar that we work directly with local farmers on a daily basis. Gulapa trains its farmers to farm organic, without chemicals or additives, from fertilising the coconut trees to processing the coconut sap according to international standards. At the Biofach 2023 exhibition, PT Berkat Petani Indonesia will bring several products, including:


PT Natural Joy Foods

Natural Joy Foods was established in July 2015. Natural Joy Foods started as a cottage industry producing high-quality healthy products supplying only to an organic and healthy restaurant called D’Natural, located in Surabaya, Indonesia. All products are gluten-free, dairy-free, and manufactured in a gluten-free and dairy-free production facility. To ensure customers of excellent quality, ingredients are supplied by selected farmers who practice natural and organic farming. At the Biofach 2023 exhibition, PT Natural Joy Foods will bring several products, including:

Intrafood Singabera Indonesia

Intrafood is a proud pioneer of traditional Indonesian ready-to-drink beverages. Founded in Solo City in 1984 based on inspiration from ancient Javanese recipes. For over 30 years, Intrafood has been committed to maintaining the rich flavours of tradition by using the best spices and natural ingredients from Indonesian farmers. Our high-quality products are maintained by the development of production processes that are modern technology and handled by experts. Intrafood products have now spread domestically and internationally. At the Biofach 2023 exhibition, Intrafood Singabera Indonesia will bring several products, including:

Premium Ginger Drinks

PT Harendong Green Farm

Established in 2006, Harendong Tea Estate is a certified organic tea plantation located in a mountainous area next to Gunung Halimun Salak National Park, Lebak, Banten, western part of Java Island, Indonesia. With an height of between 800 to 1,000 metres (2,625 to 3,280 feet), the 350-hectare estate is often shrouded in mist in the morning and evening. The mild weather, high annual rainfall of between 4,000 to 6,000 mm, and mineral-rich soil present the perfect trifecta for a tea plantation that produces quality tea.
Our belief is that tea is a conduit for relationships, connecting people, nature and society. Our pledge is our relentless commitment in pursuit of making tea of exceptional quality that fully expresses the characteristics of terroir; as nature intended. At the Biofach 2023 exhibition, PT Harendong Green Farm will bring several products, including:

Organic Light Oolong Tea
Organic Green Tea

PT. Natural Indococonut Organik

Established in 2019, PT Natural Indococonut Organik (NICO) believes that coconut is one of nature’s unique products. Our products are made from natural ingredients, this is the basis for naming the company PT Natural Indococonut Organik.

“Your Partner to Grow” was chosen as the company tagline to represent our mission to grow together with our partners. Our goal is to always strive to be better and continuously improve ourselves based on our customers’ valuable feedback. At the Biofach 2023 exhibition, PT Natural Indococonut Organik will bring several products, including:

To get to know our co-exhibitor companies, please download the Product Catalogue below

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Fruit Logistica is more than just fresh fruit and vegetable fair

FRUIT LOGISTICA is considered a global platform for new ideas, impetus, and solutions in the fresh produce trade. Every year at the trade fair, various industry players gather in one place and use the opportunity to exploit their potential for success in the trade of fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables. The fair has been organized by Messe Berlin since 1993. In 2022, almost 2,000 exhibitors and more than 40,000 trade visitors from 132 different countries took part. In addition to the topic Organic Route, where trade visitors can reach suppliers of certified organic products easily and quickly, Biofach also focuses on the topics Logistics and Machinery or Technology

ITPC Hamburg takes part in Fruit Logistica 2023

Indonesia Trade Promotion Center Hamburg will participate in the Fruit Logistica 2023 exhibition, which will be held from 8 to 10 February. ITPC hopes that in this exhibition Indonesia can expand the fruit and vegetable market in Germany. In this exhibition ITPC Hamburg together with 2 Co-Exhibitors namely:

CV Humitrap

Humitrap Container Desiccant was manufactured in 2005 in Solo, Indonesia and today have become an important player in moisture-absorbent products. Our products are eco-friendly, highly tested, and certified by SGS. Since 2016, Humitrap has been producing premium quality products that we can say are the best available in the world. After going through a series of tests, Humitrap Premium quality is composed of advanced formulas that guarantee the highest absorption capacity. This will eliminate moisture damage during shipping and not have a negative effect on the goods being transported

Humitrap Premium Quality Humitrap is specially designed to provide maximum protection for goods inside shipping containers. Evenly distributed holes facilitate the entry of water vapour into the package and are absorbed by the active ingredients inside. With high-quality materials and the right composition, it produces greater absorption, longer active life, and more efficient usage costs. At the Fruit Logistica 2023 exhibition, Humitrap will bring several products, including

Evoware is a subsidiary of Evo & Co, a sustainability-focused company co-founded by David Christian, Forbes 30 under 30 (2020). United by a shared vision, the Evoware team seeks to spark a collaborative #RethinkPlastic movement to prevent further environmental damage from single-use plastics and to empower individuals and businesses to switch to eco-friendly alternatives made from sustainable materials.

From plastic-free bags made from cassava, and disposable straws made from rice to cups and wrappers made from seaweed. Evoware products have been featured in various publications such as BBC One, CNBC, and Business Insider, to name a few. With a distribution presence in Indonesia, Australia, and Saudi Arabia, Evoware is looking for new global partners to help our cause. At the Fruit Logistica 2023 exhibition, Evoware will bring several products, including

To get to know our co-exhibitor companies, please download the Product Catalogue below

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Frankfurt Coffee Festival enters a new round

After the success of the first edition of the festival in 2021, this year FCF is back again in 2022 with new atmosphere that will certainly provide an unforgettable atmosphere not only for visitors but also for exhibitors. This year the Frankfurt Coffee Festival comes with a major programme that will include two SCA championships: The SCA Latte Art Championship 2022 and the German Barista Championship 2022, where ambassadors will be selected to represent Germany at the respective world championships

This year the Frankfurt Coffee Festival was take place der Klassikstadt Frankfurt, which was bigger than the previous year. The festival was run from Friday 14 October to Sunday 16 October. The FCF 2022 was attended by participants, the majority of whom came from the coffee roasters, coffee shops, roasting and coffee processing machine manufacturers, and other related coffee business support product manufacturers.

Let’s promote Indonesia through coffee

In the mission and function of ITPC Hamburg, namely, promoting international trade and providing facilities to market Indonesian export products. This year, ITPC Hamburg will collaborate with the Indonesian Consulate General in Frankfurt, we will also collaborate with Roemah Indonesia, MyBali COFFEE, Meramanis, and Dityabumi to attend this year’s Frankfurt Coffee Festival. On the first day of the festival, the Indonesian Consul General in Frankfurt had the opportunity to give a short speech on stage. On this opportunity, the Consul General mentioned that Indonesia can be a major supplier of quality coffee to the German market.

In addition, at this year’s Barista Championship selection, there was one participant from Indonesia by representing one of the Indonesian booth participants, Meramanis. The participant performed by introducing Indonesian coffee and introducing Indonesia’s signature drink, STMJ, which is a combination of milk, eggs, honey, and ginger mixed with coffee.

Indonesian participants perform at the Barista Meisterschaft championship, where the winner will represent Germany at the 2023 World Barista Championship in Athens, Greece

Biofach 2022 is one of Europe’s largest organic product exhibitions held on 26-29 July 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany. This year was attended by 3,738 participants and managed to attract more than 50,000 visitors from 136 countries including Indonesia. The Indonesian pavilion booth is a collaboration between ITPC Hamburg and the Import Promotion Desk Germany. During the 4 days of the exhibition, we occupied an area of 84 m2 by displaying 6 (six) co-exhibitors under the guidance of IPD, namely Intrafood Singabera Indonesia, CV. Nira Satria Cooperative (Realsa), CV. Mitra Niaga Indonesia, PT. Kampung Kearifan Indonesia (Javara), PT. Aksara Kencana Putra and CV. Harum Pelangi Nusantara. Of the six co-exhibitors, four of them participated on-site and two others joined through Biofach’s official online platform, ‘Biofach at Home’.

One of the main goals of participating in this year’s Biofach exhibition is to maintain the existence of Indonesian Organic products in the international market, both for buyers and producers. In addition, in order to take advantage of the momentum of economic recovery in Europe as well as taking advantage of the opportunities for supply chain distortions for most European countries as a result of the wars between Russia and Ukraine.

Indonesian products which have been displayed at the Indonesian pavilion booth, attracted the visitor’s interest as well as organic businesses. This is indicated by statements from the exhibitors who said that although the number of visitors was not as crowded as the previous Biofach event, they got positive responses to be followed up to the next step, which is trade contracts.

Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Hamburg together with the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) Frankfurt participated in the 2021 Frankfurt Coffee Festival (FCF) exhibition on October 1-3 in Frankfurt, Germany. This time, Pavilion Indonesia raised the theme “Think Coffee, Think Indonesia”. At this FCF exhibition, the Indonesian Pavilion stands on an area of ​​18 m² by displaying coffee products from various regions in Indonesia with a number of co-exhibitors as many as 2 companies, namely PT. Nabu Kopi Ranah Indonesia, and PT. Madalle.

Coffee products displayed include Arabica Gayo Coffee, Arabica Mandhailing, Arabica Kerinci, Arabica Arabica Jambi Fine Robusta, Arabica Java Preanger, Arabica Toraja, Arabica Bajawa, and Arabica Papua. During the festival the number of visitors who visited the Indonesian pavilion reached more than approximately 200 visitors. The 2 co-exhibitors at the Indonesian pavilion received potential trade prospects from potential buyers of more than USD 60 million from both new and existing customers, with potential buyers not only from Germany, but also from the Netherlands.

Since 2009, Gemworld Munich has been organised as part of the Munich Show. It is an international ordering, purchasing and communication platform for the jewellery and gemstone industry in halls B6 and B5. The wide range of products includes diamonds, coloured gemstones, pearls, unique jewellery, gemstone jewellery, gemstone objects, engravings, jewellery and gemstone valuation, silver jewellery, accessories and technology.

About The Munich Show:

  • Will take place in 2021 for the 57th time.
  • Date: 22 to 24 October 2021, 9 am—6pm
  • Friday is a trade only day
  • Location: Exhibition Center Messe München, WEST Entrance
  • Founded in 1964 as a swap meet by some ambitious mineral collectors
  • Around 50,000m² of exhibition space

Special Areas:

  • “Mineral Pavillon” – the dealers with the most exclusive collector’s minerals
  • “Alpine Minerals” – the “Strahler” from the Alps present their summer finds
  • “Gemworld Professional” – specialist trade area for resellers from the jewellery & gemstone industry only


  • Collector minerals & exclusive mineral levels
  • Roughstones & Grinding Materials (wholesale)
  • Gems
  • Jewelery (design, unique, lifestyle)
  • DIY jewelery (chain strands, accessories)
  • Art with fine stones and extraordinary gemstone engravings
  • Decorative and interior objects with stones
  • Fossils (museum & collector’s objects)
  • fossilized wood

There will be 5 Indonesian companies will be facilitated by ITPC Hamburg, namely: Arya Gatsu, Radiance of The East, Daffi Art Gallery, Maysha Jewellery and Shinta Pearl.

Seeing the success of competing countries such as China, India, Mexico and Morocco, which succeeded in getting into the supply chain for the production of Airbus aircraft, became the driving force for Indonesia to become part of the supply chain. It is hoped that Indonesia can become the main partner for Airbus in the supply of aircraft components and engineering technology for Airbus, furthermore to also establish a research center in Indonesia. The discussion took place on June 26th, 2020