The Fruit Logistica 2023 exhibition is the world’s largest fruit, vegetable and logistics product exhibition held annually and this year was held on 8-10 February 2023 in Berlin, Germany with the theme “All in One” and attracted more than 60,000 visitors from 140 countries in the world. This year is the first participation in the Fruit Logistica exhibition for ITPC Hamburg by occupying hall 26 with stand number C-19 in a special area for international or specifically Asian exhibitors.

Indonesia company participation in Fruit Logistica 2023

Together with two Indonesian companies CV Humitrap Indonesia and PT Evogaia Karya Indonesia, ITPC participated in Fruit Logistica Berlin. Both companies are manufacturers for packaging and storage. CV Humitrap is one of the trainee of the Ministry of Trade’s Export Coaching Programme and PT. Evogaia is one of the companies registered with InaExport.

On the same occasion, there was one Indonesian company participating independently, Java Fresh, which brought exotic fruits and vegetables from Indonesia. The premium quality mangosteen fruit at the Java Fresh booth was one of the most attractive fruits to visitors as it is rare to find in European retail markets.

The situation of both Java Fresh which is being visited by visitors

The highlights of the Fruit Logistica exhibition

One of the main objectives of Indonesia’s participation, especially ITPC Hamburg, at the exhibition is to show the international market, especially Europe, Indonesia can also create packaging products made from renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, which is a high trend in continental Europe related to environmental sustainability issues and can also enter the world logistics supply chain considering that this exhibition is also a gathering place for international logistics service players

From the market intelligence we conducted during the exhibition, the main competitors for Indonesia’s exotic fruits were Indonesia’s neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. In addition, the booths of Africa, Ghana, Peru and Tanzania showcased vegetables that are often found in Indonesia such as bitter melon, okra, chilli, tubers, shallots and turmeric. This is one of the insights for us that Indonesia’s opportunity to expand its original products to the international market is huge, it’s just that logistics and shipping fees are the main obstacles, especially for fresh fruit products.

The situation of the Indonesian booth which is surrounded by visitors

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