FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


How to export to Germany?

All products have their own regulations. It is necessary to know the HS Code of your product. You can access the following link to get an overview of the rules and regulations that apply in the EU. For further information, you can contact us via email info@itpchamburg.de


How to find manufactures from Indonesia?

You can find data on exporters through Inaexport. Existing exporters data, ready for export. In addition, you can also contact us via email info@itpchamburg.de. We will help you find the right partner.


How to promote our Product to Germany?

Exporters must fill in the form provided by ITPC Hamburg. The data will be used when a prospective buyer is looking

What exhibition ITPC Hamburg participate in?

Every year ITPC Hamburg participates in exhibitions in Germany. The exhibition that is joined is in accordance with the current trend. ITPC Hamburg will update the information on the exhibitions attended through the website and social media

How can I join the exhibition?

You can participate in the exhibition independently or join participation in the exhibition that is participated by the relevant ministries/institutions or ITPC Hamburg

How can I find a suitable trade exhibition in Germany for my product?

You can get information on existing exhibitions through AUMA