Fruit Logistica is more than just fresh fruit and vegetable fair

FRUIT LOGISTICA is considered a global platform for new ideas, impetus, and solutions in the fresh produce trade. Every year at the trade fair, various industry players gather in one place and use the opportunity to exploit their potential for success in the trade of fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables. The fair has been organized by Messe Berlin since 1993. In 2022, almost 2,000 exhibitors and more than 40,000 trade visitors from 132 different countries took part. In addition to the topic Organic Route, where trade visitors can reach suppliers of certified organic products easily and quickly, Biofach also focuses on the topics Logistics and Machinery or Technology

ITPC Hamburg takes part in Fruit Logistica 2023

Indonesia Trade Promotion Center Hamburg will participate in the Fruit Logistica 2023 exhibition, which will be held from 8 to 10 February. ITPC hopes that in this exhibition Indonesia can expand the fruit and vegetable market in Germany. In this exhibition ITPC Hamburg together with 2 Co-Exhibitors namely:

CV Humitrap

Humitrap Container Desiccant was manufactured in 2005 in Solo, Indonesia and today have become an important player in moisture-absorbent products. Our products are eco-friendly, highly tested, and certified by SGS. Since 2016, Humitrap has been producing premium quality products that we can say are the best available in the world. After going through a series of tests, Humitrap Premium quality is composed of advanced formulas that guarantee the highest absorption capacity. This will eliminate moisture damage during shipping and not have a negative effect on the goods being transported

Humitrap Premium Quality Humitrap is specially designed to provide maximum protection for goods inside shipping containers. Evenly distributed holes facilitate the entry of water vapour into the package and are absorbed by the active ingredients inside. With high-quality materials and the right composition, it produces greater absorption, longer active life, and more efficient usage costs. At the Fruit Logistica 2023 exhibition, Humitrap will bring several products, including

Evoware is a subsidiary of Evo & Co, a sustainability-focused company co-founded by David Christian, Forbes 30 under 30 (2020). United by a shared vision, the Evoware team seeks to spark a collaborative #RethinkPlastic movement to prevent further environmental damage from single-use plastics and to empower individuals and businesses to switch to eco-friendly alternatives made from sustainable materials.

From plastic-free bags made from cassava, and disposable straws made from rice to cups and wrappers made from seaweed. Evoware products have been featured in various publications such as BBC One, CNBC, and Business Insider, to name a few. With a distribution presence in Indonesia, Australia, and Saudi Arabia, Evoware is looking for new global partners to help our cause. At the Fruit Logistica 2023 exhibition, Evoware will bring several products, including

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