InterTabac exhibition is the world’s largest annual exhibition for tobacco products and accessories placed in Dortmund, Germany. The ITPC team in 2022 had the opportunity to visit the InterTabac exhibition which was held on 15-17 September 2022. In 2022 was the 42nd exhibition organized after two years of absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The exhibition is divided into two exhibition areas, namely InterSupply which showcasing basic materials, equipment, supplies and cigarette-making-technology and the InterTabac exhibition itself. More than 520 exhibitors from 47 countries took part in the exhibition and attracted 13,800 visitors from around the world.

In 2022, two Indonesian companies participated in the InterSupply exhibition independently, namely PT. Jafa Palma Indonesia and PT. The Rolling Paper Company (TRPC) Manufacturing Indonesia. PT Jafa Palma Indonesia and PT TRPC Manufacturing Indonesia are foreign-owned companies domiciled in Cirebon and Bekasi. Both companies have participated in the InterTabac exhibition independently since 2014 and 2016.

PT. TRPC Manufacturing Indonesia focuses on tobacco-specific rolling paper products and has successfully entered the US and Canada markets. The company is also the only Indonesian company that produces rolling papers for tobacco and similar products. In the European region, their products have also received enquiries from France, Italy and the UK.

The Intertabac 2023 exhibition will be held again on 14 – 16 September 2023. This year besides PT Jafa Palma Indonesia and PT TRPC Manufacturing will return to the InterTabac exhibition, there are 5 other Indonesian companies who will participate, namely:

PT. Djarum


PT. Besuki Raya Cigars

PT. Mangli Djaya Raya.

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