With the construction of Indonesia’s new capital city, we’re opening doors for exciting investment opportunities for domestic and international investors!

Nusantara, the new capital of Indonesia, offers a variety of attractive investment prospects across various sectors, including:

  • Infrastructure: Large-scale infrastructure development, encompassing roads, railways, and airports, creates investment opportunities in construction, real estate, and logistics.
  • Technology: Nusantara is envisioned as a smart and sustainable city, focusing on information and communication technology, renewable energy, and the green economy.
  • Education: The development of world-class universities and research institutions opens doors for investment in the education and training sector.
  • Tourism: Nusantara has the potential to become a top tourist destination, boasting stunning natural beauty and rich culture.

The Indonesian government is committed to fostering an investor-friendly environment, offering various incentives and conveniences.

If you’re interested in exploring investment opportunities in Nusantara, please contact us for further information:

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