In an effort to support Indonesian Entrepreneurs, especially who specialized in food and beverages, ITPC Hamburg has been participated in,, Anuga Exhibition (Food and Beverages)” in Cologne exhibition hall, Cologne – Germany. Indonesian Pavilion under Trade Attaché Brussels and Berlin, Industry Attaché and ITPC Hamburg brought up the theme “Trade with Remarkable Indonesia” into the Anuga exhibition and occupied in 60m2 booth, which was located in hall 1.1, booth number A58G, A62G and B63G and fully equipped with special design construction. On the other hand, another 152 M² booth in hall 1.1 booth number A51G – A60G belonged to Indonesian Pavilion under Ministry of Trade. A total of 29 companies, of which 7 companies are independent participants, 18 companies under the Ministry of Industry and 4 companies listed on the coordination of Trade Attaché Brussels and Berlins and ITPC Hamburg participated in the 2017 Anuga exhibition.

Approximately 7400 companies from 107 countries participated in the exhibition and estimated to be visited by no less than 165,000 visitors from 198 Countries. Innovation has always been the foremost point at the Anuga exhibition, as it is contributing impulses and new ideas into food and beverage industries. One of the current trends products is food which contains high protein, as well as organic, vegan and vegetarian labeled products also has a very high market share. In pursuance to stimulate visitor’s interest to stop by our booth, we used digital promotion such as touch screen device, considering it was approved to be a successful attempt at 2016 Coteca Exhibition. With touchscreen device it helps visitors to acquire general information, products, distribution channels, and locations of exhibitors at Indonesia Pavilion. It facilitates visitors not only complete information about company products but also access into ITPC Hamburg Database, which linked to ITPC Hamburg official website. Representatives of The Ministry Trade was seen to be very interested and engaged into this device as well. To glamorize the booth, we provide also a giant screen that plays video as one of advertisement media. Thus far, these two combinations of digital promotions managed to attract and trigger visitor enthusiasm.

During the Anuga exhibition, 4 Companies from our participants of Indonesian Pavilion under Attache Trade in Brussel and Berlin, Industry Attaché in Brussels and ITPC Hamburg, succeed in collecting PO (Prospective Order) result of US $. 7,290,275.00. which comes from buyers of 59 countries, namely Spain, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, Czech, Chilli, China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Haiti, Hongkong, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kuwait, Nigeria, Lebanon, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Norway, Pakistan, Palestine, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Srilanka, Sudan, Suriname, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam.