At the Tendence 2017 exhibition in Frankfurt, there were two independent Indonesian companies participating in Hall 10.1 (Hall for International Sourcing), namely: PT. Wax Industri Nusantara, with premium quality wax products made by hand using raw material from palm kernel and CV. Windhiasih Bali Export, displaying home decoration products, furniture, and other handcrafted products.

ITPC Hamburg obtained various kinds of information from the two companies, which are listed below:

PT. Wax Industri Nusantara:

This company, which has a turnover of about 2 million USD per year, does not only take part in Tendece 2017, but also in other exhibitions: Chrismastworld, Ambiente, and Maison et Objet regularly since 2011. The company takes part in the exhibition every year. In addition to their intent in penetrating the European market, such as the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, the UK, France and of course Germany as the main market, by doing so they also want to show their commitment to the European market. Competitors for wax products surprisingly come from European countries and not from other Asian countries. According to them, Chinese producer cannot be classified as a direct competitor due to different types of products and target consumers. Candles produced by PT. Wax Industri Nusantara are candles that can be customized specifically according to costumers’ needs and demands, even though the products are a bit pricey, but they are very popular. Although the candles are produced using palm kernel as raw material, this company has never had any problems or difficulties entering the European market. This is because they are very concerned about the transparency in supply chain and prioritize traceability of raw materials to facilitate the European buyer and market. Additionally, European buyers themselves have started to realize the differences and benefits of wax made with palm kernel, which is more durable and has a lower pollution levels compared to paraffin.

CV. Windhiasih Bali Export:

This new company attended Tendence exhibition for the first time, but were always participating in previous Ambiente exhibition independently. In relation to V-Legal’s mandatory application, the company questioned the continuation of the policy and voiced complaints, because competitors, particularly from Vietnam, did not encounter any obstacles in regards to customs in Germany (the company’s display products had problems with documents at the German customs during the Ambiente 2017 exhibition) Although the company has fulfilled various certifications and regulations set by the EU including Fair Trade (pending audit results), the company feels that there are very little information about export market opportunities.

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