On Friday, June 16th , 2017 to promote Trade Expo Indonesia 2017, Primaduta Award, as well as Indonesian export products in general, ITPC Hamburg has visited the event “Regenwälder Indonesiens” located in Mall of Berlin.The event itself took place June 16th until June 17th, 2017.

There were eight booths that were occupied by the Embassy of Republic of Indonesia, Badan Pengelola Dana Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit, Indonesia-Consult RS GmbH, Big Tree Farm (represented by Goodmood Food), WWF Deutschland / BOS Deutschland eV / Fairventures Worldwide, Indoshop, Geoplan Privatreisen and Dr. Weiglein Expedition GmbH.

Apart from this there were events such as; Traditional Indonesian music, live bands, and dances from Indonesia. On June 17th, there was also a “tumpeng” cutting attended by Mr. Ambassador, Dr.-Ing. Fauzi Bowo

During the visit, ITPC Hamburg promoted Trade Expo Indonesia, Prima Duta Award, and general export products especially to Big Tree Farm represented by Goodmood Food, Indonesia-Consult RS GmbH and Indoshop.