On May 16th, 2017, between 18.00-22.00 PM, located in the General Consulate of Republic of Indonesia in Hamburg a cultural festival was held. The theme for this festival was “In Einer Nacht um die welt” (around the world in one night). This event is joint-conducted by the government of Hamburg City and the respective consulate of each foreign country in Hamburg. The purpose of this event is to inform and explain, as well as to give an understanding about the scoop of work of each representative consulate in Hamburg.
The event was opened by a traditional dance called ”Cendrawasih” and continued by an opening speech by the General Consul of Republic Indonesia in Hamburg, Mrs. Sylvia Arifin. In her speech, she emphasized the diplomatic cooperation between Indonesia and Germany, which dated back to1953and is continuing to grow even until now. In addition, Mrs. Sylvia Arifin also mentioned about the mission of the General Consulate of Republic of Indonesia in Hamburg at 4 cover area which are Bremen, Hamburg, Niedersachsen, and Schleswig-Holstein.
Following the opening there were presentation about the present situation of Indonesia, videos about tourism in Indonesia, performance of traditional dance of Indonesia such as Panji dance, Semirang, Likok Pulo dance, Tor-Tor dance, Gantar dance, Merak dance, Adanenggar Kelasworo dance, Pencak Silat or martial art from West Java, and also fashion show of traditional clothing of Indonesia. Additionally, this event is even more livened up by the performance of music group such as Gamelan show, as well as national and local music of Indonesia.
The General Consulate of Republic of Indonesia in Hamburg also had a photo gallery which showed several photos of the beauty of Indonesia
Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Hamburg joined the event and opened a stand to display fascinating products from Indonesia. Visitors were excited towards products from Indonesia mainly Batik products, tea, and especially a certain beverage product called “Teh Botol”. However, many visitors were still concerned about the ingredients of “Teh Botol” because of its high sugar and caffeine content.