The Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Global Industry Expo (COTECA) exhibition in 2016 is set in Hamburg. ITPC Hamburg has been participating for the fourth time, the first in 2010, the second in 2012 and the third in 2014. For the 2016 exhibition, ITPC Hamburg collaborated together with the National Agency for Export Development under the Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Berlin (KBRI) and the Consulate General of Indonesia in Hamburg (KJRI) to build a pavilion (90 m2) with a special construction and theme (“Trade With Remarkable Indonesia” and “Remarkable Indonesian Coffee”). The Consul of the Consulate General of Indonesia in Hamburg officially announced the opening of the Indonesian pavilion. The following are the representatives of the Indonesian coffee, tea and cocoa businesses participating in COTECA 2016;

  1. Shriya Artha Nusantara (coffee, tea, spices, fruit),
  2. Infinity Surya Jaya (specialty coffee; cocoa and cocoa products; coconut),
  3. Kampung Kearifan Indonesia – JAVARA (cocoa bean, herbal tea),
  4. House of Indonesia-Bremen (coffee, tea, cocoa),
  5. Bibit Arsa Pertama (green bean and roasted coffee, tea, cocoa),
  6. Bukit Sari (organic tea, spices),