House of Indonesia is located in the center of Bremen, precisely in CityLab (formerly Lloydhof), Ansgarikirchhof 1-21, 28195 Bremen. CityLab is a shopping mall that was just opened on 27th April 2016 by Senator for Economy, Labor and Harbor, Martin Guenther. House of Indonesia stands on an area of 284,59 M2 and occupied by 31 companies with the scope of products including furniture, home decor, fashion, batik, processed food and beverages, coffee, tea, footwear, handbags and handicraft.

House of Indonesia officially opened on 20th May 2016, which was marked by ceremonial event “ribbon cutting” performed by the Deputy Minister of Economy, Labor and Harbor Bremen, Director of Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH, General Consul of Republic of Indonesia in Hamburg, the Indonesian Trade Attaché in Berlin, Head of ITPC Hamburg, Managing Director of House of Indonesia and Head of Planning and Regional Development of South Tangerang city. Also present at the opening ceremony South Tangerang entrepreneurs who display their products in House of Indonesia, delegation of the Regional Government of South Tangerang city who facilitated 15 SMEs in House of Indonesia, Bremen city officials and entrepreneurs in Bremen and Hamburg and also the media press in Germany.

In his speech, Deputy Minister of Economy, Labor and Harbor Bremen, Ekkehart Siering, expressed his pride to be able to strengthen the bilateral relations between Indonesia and Bremen, in particular in the field of international trade. Bremen and Indonesia are two friends who have had cooperative relationship which is very broad and close. The cooperative relationship not only limited through cooperation in trade but also through collaborative relationships in capacity building in the field of port and supporting infrastructure that has been running since the beginning of 2008. Through the opening of House of Indonesia in Bremen as one of the major trading cities in Germany, hopefully this could intensify the bilateral relations between Indonesia and Germany in the future.

In her speech, General Consul of Republic of Indonesia in Hamburg, Sylvia Arifin, stated that the close relationships between Indonesia and Bremen had been established long before the founding of Republic of Indonesia. The trade relations between Indonesia and Bremen in tobacco since the end of 19th century is the tipping point of close relations between the two countries. From the perspective of Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia in Hamburg, Germany, trade between Indonesia and Bremen is expected to show gradual increase. Throughout the year of 2015, trade value of Indonesia-Bremen trade relations increased for 39% (EUR 137,4 millions).

Meanwhile in his speech Director of ITPC Hamburg stated following points:

    1. Through giving full support and facilitating the House of Indonesia in Bremen, Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia hopes to bring Indonesian products closer to consumers and buyer in Europe especially in Germany, to develop market access, promotion, and business networks, to help finding business partners (importer, retailer, and distributor) in order to increase sales as well as to create marketing networks for Indonesian leading products; and also for Brand Development of Indonesian products, House of Indonesia is expected to be a right media to introduce Indonesian products.
    1. The expected goals of House of Indonesia is to be “a window” in introducing Indonesian leading and prospective products directly in the German market. With the existence of House of Indonesia, it will provide not only the space but also opportunity for the consumers or prospective buyers to have a close look at the advantages of Indonesia products and further, buy Indonesian products.
    1. With the opening of House of Indonesia in Bremen, it is expected to be one of the effective instruments to facilitate business actors such as Indonesian exporters and Germany’s importers/buyer in establishing business relations and it is also expected to generate trade transactions on an ongoing basis.

The Head of Planning and Regional Development of South Tangerang city, Teddy Meiyadi Affandi, during his speech, also delivered his expectation that after the opening of House of Indonesia could bring about the improvement and expansion of SMEs markets into the German market and European Union in general.

A TV One Correspondent in Bremen, Germany interviewed the Director of ITPC Hamburg on the sidelines of the House of Indonesia opening ceremony. In the interview, the Director of ITPC Hamburg gave detailed explanation on the history as well as aims and purposes of House of Indonesia.

At the opening ceremony, the organizer also showcased Indonesian cultural night apart from presentations on the products that are being displayed in House of Indonesia. Indonesian cultural night featured a variety of authentic Indonesian arts and cultural performances (folk dances), such as Balinese dance, Jaipong dance, angklung and acoustic performance by Indonesian students association in Bremen as well as by the representative of South Tangerang city delegation. At the end of the Indonesian cultural night, the door prize winner was also announced. The door prize is a one-way Bremen – Jakarta flight ticket sponsored by the branch office of Turkish Airlines in Bremen, Germany.