On April 26, 2018, the ITPC Hamburg team revisited one of the paper and Tuna Importer office to reiterate the company’s potential purchase of paper and canned tuna commodity. During this meeting, the purchasing manager had specific and strict demands regarding the purchase of both the paper and canned tuna commodity. ITPC Hamburg proposed 3 Indonesian companies for the company’s paper commodity, and 2 Indonesian companies for the canned tuna commodity. AS for the paper commodity, he believes the Indonesian suppliers are charging a steep margin as he believes the suppliers are referring to European suppliers’ pricing. If he follows the bargain, he believes it would be the same as purchasing supplies straight from Europe. As for the canned tuna commodity, he believes that the price for the quality of the product is not in accordance, seeing as EU’s GSP tariff rate on it is at 20.5%. Still, regarding the purchase, he had an inquiry to the possibility of shipping supplies straight from Indonesia on behalf of the German company instead of the supplier. He would like to know if this action would disrupt any customs regulation. Lastly, he expressed interest in other commodities such as canned pineapples and canned fruit cocktails. However, this potential purchase would continue after they succeed in their trial purchase of purchasing the paper and canned tuna commodity.