Atlanta, 17 April 2016 – Entering the last day of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Expo 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States (US), transactions for Indonesian coffee succeeded in recording transactions reaching USD 35 million for 392 containers. This value is the transactions total achieved at the expo, through MoU signed, and from the auction results. The transaction total is expected to continue to increase up to several months in the future.

Indonesia held a live coffee auction at the Indonesian Pavilion. This auction captured the attention of various coffee industry practitioners in the US such as importers, roasters, baristas, the media, and other specialty coffee communities.

“The coffee auction held at the SCAA Expo is the first time we had done an auction and we should be proud of the achievement we recorded here today,” said Merry Maryati.

The Washington D.C. Trade Attaché, Reza Pahlevi Chairul, said that the coffee auction succeeded in attaining transactions amounting to USD 11,900 or around IDR 160 million, “All 17 select specialty coffee that were auctioned off were sold in only 3 hours,” added Reza.

According to Reza, the best coffee that was sold at the auction was from Mount Puntang, West Java. This coffee auction was won by Phil Goodlayson from Corvus Coffee, Denver, as the highest bidder with USD 55/kg or around IDR 750,000/kg. “This is the latest record in Indonesian coffee auctions,” he added.

The live auction process was intense. The auction began with a coffee cupping so that the participants of the auction could try before hand and know for sure the characteristics of the coffee being auctioned. The auction was hosted by Rocky Rhodes, a professional coffee auctioneer that is quite famous in the circle of the world’s specialty coffee community.

The Seventeen specialty coffee that were auctioned were Mount Puntang, Mekar Wangi, Manggarai, Malabar Honey, Atu Lintang, Toraja Sapan, Bluemoon Organic, Gayo Organic, Java Cibeber, Catur Washed Coffee, West Java Pasundan Honey, Arabica Toraja, Flores Golewa, Redelong, Preanger Weninggalih, Flores Ende, and Java Temanggung.

A Farmer Gives a Lecture

Not only were the coffee that was special, Indonesian coffee farmers were also extraordinary. A farmer from the Regency of Simalungun, North Sumatra, named Leo Purba gave a lecture at the SCAA Expo.

Leo gave a lecture on the wet hulling technique entitled “Exploring Semi Wash Process and Farmer’s Challenges in Facing Global Market” to the audience that were in attendance at the SCAA.

“During this lecture, it was discussed that the third wave coffee movement provided a huge positive influence in driving the improvement of the process to refine the coffee processing quality in Indonesia. This development ultimately made Indonesian coffee farmers become more competitive in meeting the demands of world’s specialty coffee market,” said the Ministry of Trade’s Director of Promotions and Image Development, Merry Maryati.

Other topics that was captured the attention of the audience included the development of the role and empowerment of women in Indonesia’s coffee industry. This topic was discussed during the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Breakfast morning discussion, which was attended by the Ministry of Trade’s Head of the Strategic Issue Management Center, Ni Made Ayu Marthini.

During the occasion, the IWCA served the Jawa Sunda Arabica Coffee from Mount Papandayan. The IWCA truly appreciates the momentum of Portrait Country Indonesia and hopes to establish cooperation with the Indonesian Government and Indonesia coffee entrepreneurs to develop the empowerment of women in the coffee supply chain and industry in Indonesia.

A Trip to Indonesia

At the expo this time, the idea of holding an SCAA Origin Trip to Indonesia, which had previously never been done before, was explored. This plan had been previously discussed by the Indonesian Delegation and Peter Gulliano, SCAA’s Senior Director of Symposium.

The SCAA Origin Trip will also be made into a momentum to promote and educate people about Indonesian coffee from US roasters with farmers and suppliers of Indonesian specialty coffee. This event is scheduled to be held in October 2016, coinciding with the holding of the 31st Trade Expo Indonesia.

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