Frankfurt Coffee Festival enters a new round

After the success of the first edition of the festival in 2021, this year FCF is back again in 2022 with new atmosphere that will certainly provide an unforgettable atmosphere not only for visitors but also for exhibitors. This year the Frankfurt Coffee Festival comes with a major programme that will include two SCA championships: The SCA Latte Art Championship 2022 and the German Barista Championship 2022, where ambassadors will be selected to represent Germany at the respective world championships

This year the Frankfurt Coffee Festival was take place der Klassikstadt Frankfurt, which was bigger than the previous year. The festival was run from Friday 14 October to Sunday 16 October. The FCF 2022 was attended by participants, the majority of whom came from the coffee roasters, coffee shops, roasting and coffee processing machine manufacturers, and other related coffee business support product manufacturers.

Let’s promote Indonesia through coffee

In the mission and function of ITPC Hamburg, namely, promoting international trade and providing facilities to market Indonesian export products. This year, ITPC Hamburg will collaborate with the Indonesian Consulate General in Frankfurt, we will also collaborate with Roemah Indonesia, MyBali COFFEE, Meramanis, and Dityabumi to attend this year’s Frankfurt Coffee Festival. On the first day of the festival, the Indonesian Consul General in Frankfurt had the opportunity to give a short speech on stage. On this opportunity, the Consul General mentioned that Indonesia can be a major supplier of quality coffee to the German market.

In addition, at this year’s Barista Championship selection, there was one participant from Indonesia by representing one of the Indonesian booth participants, Meramanis. The participant performed by introducing Indonesian coffee and introducing Indonesia’s signature drink, STMJ, which is a combination of milk, eggs, honey, and ginger mixed with coffee.

Indonesian participants perform at the Barista Meisterschaft championship, where the winner will represent Germany at the 2023 World Barista Championship in Athens, Greece

Coffee as a bridge builder between Europe and Indonesia

The founder of SHI GmbH, Sascha Bayu Handojo was born in Germany, but his cultural roots lie in Indonesia. MYBALI is Indonesia’s culture of life and enjoyment of a cup of coffee that will spoil you with a unique taste experience. What is meant here by living culture and enjoyment is that MYBALI imports coffee exclusively from Indonesia. In addition, MYBALI’s coffee is traditionally hand-picked and roasted to achieve the perfect outcome. This method also serves as a blueprint for all other products, as MYBALI’s high quality standards are not only in cultivation, but also in further processing. MYBALI wants to deliver the best and create a unique experience of the product for customers.

Culture of life and enjoyment of Indonesia

Just like the tag line of MYBALI, ITPC Hamburg is eager to help introduce Indonesia’s culture and wealth of natural resources to the world. Besides coffee, Indonesia has a lot of potential to export, such as home furnishings, organic materials, retail and others. ITPC Hamburg wants to increase Indonesia’s market potential in Germany.