To promote products from Indonesia, especially organic products, as well as to help Indonesian companies in penetrating the market in Germany, Indonesian Trade Promotion Center of Hamburg (ITPC Hamburg) attended Biofach 2017 in Nurnberg. Around 2.785 participants from 88 different countries took part in 2017. A new record was also set for the number of visitors which amounted to 50.000, this is a strong growth of 25 percent if compared to 2016. At the exhibition there were 14 companies from Indonesia i.a. Aliet Green; Profil Mitra Abadi; PT. Coco Sugar Indonesia; PT. Haldin Pacific Semesta Indonesia; Keraton; PT. Kampung Kearifan Indonesia; PT. Harendong Green Farm; CV. Java Choice of Organics; CV. Multi Rempah Sulawesi; PT. Bloom Agro; PT. Bukit Sari; PT. Mega Inovasi Organik; PT. Navil Natural and PT. Sumatran Organic Spice.                                                 

Over the period of five days, a prospective order of US$ 7.985.471,40 was generated by six Indonesian companies. The PO came from several potential buyers originating from different countries such as Germany, United State of America, Norway, Netherland, Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Nepal, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, France, China, South Africa, Hungary, Japan, Slovenia, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Peru, Czech, Argentina, Ghana, Portugal, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Austria, Cyprus, Mexico, Bahrain, Australia and Turkey.                                                                                                                         

During the exhibition, vice director of ITPC Hamburg attended the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Profil Mitra Abadi with two German companies, Flores Farm and EL Puente GmbH. In addition, there was a business meeting with Indonesian Association of Organic Product (AOI) which discussed about support from Ministry of Trade in order to increase the export of organic product of Indonesia and also other supports for the next Biofach exhibition.