The Ministry of Trade continues its efforts to increase exports. The Primaduta Award is given to importers of Indonesia’s superior products. 23 November was again a historic date for JULIE & GRACE GmbH, after receiving the Primaduta Award 2021 in the previous year. At this year’s award, JULIE & GRACE GmbH received the Primaduta Award again. The presentation of the Primaduta Award 2022 was held in a hybrid ceremony at the German Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Hamburg. The event was opened by Mrs Ganef Judawaty, Secretary of Directorate General of National Export Development. Mrs. Ganef, expressed her appreciation to JULIE & GRACE GmbH for their late increase in jewellery exports from Indonesia. Furthermore, Mr Ardian Wicaksono, Indonesia Consul General in Hamburg, in his speech was optimistic about the export and import relations between Indonesia and the presentation of the Primaduta Award as the 70th anniversary of bilateral relations between Indonesia and Germany.

Mr. Ardian Wicaksono handed the Primaduta Award 2022 to the Representative from Julie & Grace GmbH, Mr. Timo and witnessed by Mr. Mrs. Ganef Judawaty

It’s all begin from journey to Bali

Peter and Markus travelled from Hamburg to the island of Bali. The friendly people, the tropical weather, the impressive natural landscapes, made a huge impression on them. Their biggest discovery was the traditional art of blacksmithing and the Balinese family jewellery culture. This is how they came up with the idea to create jewellery from high-quality materials and design and produce it in their own factory in Bali, so that the jewellery radiates the Balinese positive attitude towards life.

Since 2008, JULIE & GRACE GmbH jewellery is now available in more than 30 countries exclusively online at reasonable prices. JULIE & GRACE is Europe’s largest vertically integrated e-commerce player in the jewellery sector. JULIE & GRACE produces original jewellery that is durable, high quality and sustainable. The Bali Vibe, for JULIE & GRACE, is to exude not only the positive Balinese attitude to life, but also harmony and respect for fellow human beings and the environment. Therefore, adherence to the highest standards, creation of fair working conditions and social responsibility are top priorities

Mr Timo Voswinckel, Managing Director of Julie & Grace GmbH gave a speech on the relationship with Indonesia

Hoping that the Export and Import relationship between Germany and Indonesia will be even better

In the last 2 years the world economy has weakened due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Many sectors have experienced a drastic decline, especially the Indonesian trade sector. Indonesia Consul General in Hamburg, Mr Ardian Wicaksono, also stated that next year will be more difficult, due to the war between Russia and Ukraine and the threat of a world recession. Mr Ardian believes, however, that in the future the economies of Indonesia and Germany will shift in a positive direction. Indonesia Trade Promotion Hamburg also believes that the trade relationship between Germany and Indonesia will improve in the future.

Group photo with Mr Sahat Tambunan, Co-Founder and Head of IT Julie & Grace GmbH and Mr Timo Voswinckel, Managing Director Julie & Grace GmbH