On July 28th, 2019, Directorate General of Domestic Trade of The Ministry of Trade of Indonesia and ITPC Hamburg were organizing an event in General Consulate of The Republic of Indonesia in Hamburg, called Campaign for Increasing the Use of Domestic Products. This event was an effort to expand the use of Indonesian products by Indonesian citizens and Diaspora, who live in Northern Germany. Since the Indonesian domestic products are produced in rural area, buying and using them would contribute the development of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the area, which then drives the nation’s economy. The well-known Indonesian export products are, for example, false eyelashes and Mercedes Benz’ exhaust pipe from Purbalingga, Barbie doll from Cikarang, Indomie, Tolak Angin, GT Radial tire, Polygon bikes, Bodypack bags, Brodo shoes, The Executive clothing, etc. This event was attended by around 50 highly enthusiastic guest, who reside in Hamburg, Bremen and Lower Saxony.