Business Matching in Bremen, September 12, 2016

Business Matching is a collaborative program realized by the Consulate General of Indonesia in Hamburg (KJRI), House of Indonesia (HOI) and ITPC Hamburg. On the 12th of September 2016 Indonesian representatives of coffee, tea, and cocoa businesses came together with German representatives of coffee, tea, and cocoa businesses in Bremen to attend this program.  The Indonesian representatives consist of Bukit Sari – Organic Tea Plantation, PT Infinity Surya Jaya, PT Bibit Arsa Pratama, PT Duta Serpack Inti (2Tang Finest Tea), PT Shriya Artha Nusantara, dan PT Tiga Perkasa (TSP Corporation). On the German side were the representatives of Berthold Vollers GmbH, Kaffewelt-Bremen, CS-Produktion Nord GmbH, and Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH (WFB). This Program is opened with a little introduction from both sides as well as an introduction about ITPC Hamburg, its functions, responsibilities as well as the services it provides. Once the formalities are over the representatives of each business meet in a “one-to-one” format.

Generally speaking the representatives on the Indonesian side are satisfied. This is supported by the fact that there were some business commitments made between both parties. Furthermore the representatives of the Indonesian side were informed about how to do business in Germany especially in Bremen thanks to WFB.

After the “one-to-one” meeting the program continues with a business visit to Berthold Vollers GmbH. The purpose of this visit is to have a detailed look into warehousing, transport, and storage of coffee, tea and cocoa. Finally a last visit to a roasting company were made, here the representatives had a lot of discussion about coffee in general, specialty coffee and method of roasting.