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Primaduta Award

A. Definition

Primaduta award is one of the government’s efforts, in this case is

Ministry of Trade, through the Directorate General of National Export

Development in increasing Indonesia’s export growth to the global market. One

of the determining factors is the share of buyers of each of the target countries of

Indonesia’s export as the partners of Indonesian exporters in which their role is

important in deciding the country of origin for the potential products they buy.

To the buyers who have been loyal to buy Indonesian products

continuously (proven by import transactions of up to five years), the value of

imports that continues to increase, as well as developing the products that

purchased from Indonesia must be appreciated by awarding them with

Primaduta award.

B. Purpose

To build loyality and, at the same time, strong networks between buyers

(foreign importers) with Indonesian exporters so that the relations that have

been established can be nurtured continuosly. Lobbying the buyers, who have

been purchasing Indonesian products continuously, is considered as one of the

strategies to increase the country’s export in order to prevent them from

switching their preferences to their own products.

C. Qualification of Buyers

Qualifications/criteria that must be possessed by a buyer, as follows:

a. Buyers who have been importing from Indonesia for at least 5 (five) years

by stating the value and volume of imports, proven by import transaction.

b. Have a positive trend of import growth.

c. Buyers are able to provide an overview of import realization and types of

products imported.

d. Specify the types of imported products, up to 6-digit of HS code, and in

which year the products were first imported.

e. List the types of buyers (importer manufacturer or importer distriburter).

f. Convey information on whether the buyers do the promotion on

Indonesian products.

g. Provide an overview of projected imports from Indonesia for the next 3

(three) years (in value and volume).

h. Convey information on whether buyers import the same products from

other countries by including the value and volume.

i. If any, buyers may also tell how they first stared to import from

Indonesia, for example it has grown from smaller to bigger volume and

even ended up driving their companies into a success, or also the long

journey of building the image of Indonesia and Indonesian products as

well as in promoting the Indonesian products. Thus, consumers and

wholesalers can eventually accept the Indonesian products in the market.

The stories could be a plus value in the judging process as it could inspire

other buyers to import products from Indonesia.

D. Classification of Products

Classification of products is all products that are exported by

Indonesia, as follows:

 Manufacturing product groups, consisting of electronics, textile,

chemical products, wood products and furnitures, metal products,

automotive, machineries, plastic products, medical equipments,

footwear, rubber products, handicrafts, leather and leather products,

and essential oil.

 Primary product groups, consisting of processed foods, animal

products, coal, palm oil and its derivations, fish and fish products,

rubbers, base metals, shrimp, jewelry, wood and pulp, cacao and dairy

products, coffee, spices, fruits, and vegetables.

The products that are included in above groups are expected to be interpreted in

up to 6-digit HS code.

E. The Panel of Judges

The panel of judges for the assessment will be consisted of professionals

representing the relevant stakeholders, such as professional business actors,

practitioners and/or economic observers/international trade observers,

academics, journalists, the Chamber of Commerce/associations, and others.

F. Implementation and Monitoring

a. The selection and verification process are conducted by the Indonesian

Missions Abroad, such as Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia/Consulate

General of the Republic of Indonesia/Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to

Taipei/Trade Attache/ITPC and send to the Secretary of Directorate General of

National Exports Development – Ministry of Trade located at Gedung Utama

Lantai IV Jl. M.I. Ridwan Rais No. 5, Jakarta Pusat.

b. On selection, verification, and validation of buyers by the representatives of

Indonesia, the proposed list of buyers must be prepares in a format, which has

been prepared by the committee (will be attached in an email that is sent to all

Indonesian representatives abroad). The softcopy of the proposed list of buyers

must be sent to the Secretart of Directorate General of National Exports

Development (email: dan


c. Buyers should also attach a copy of import contracts with Indonesian products.

d. Buyers who are awarded with Primaduta award are the best buyer according

to the evaluation of the judges and it is absolute.

e. Primaduta award will be awarded to 60 best buyers, with the award criteria

for buyers who import industrial/manufacturing products in key and non-

traditional market, and other awards will be given to the representatives of

SMEs products in key and non-traditional market.

f. The announcement of Primaduta award recipients will be submitted to the

Indonesian representatives abroad/Trade Attache/ITPC/ Indonesian Economic

and Trade Office to Taipei, specifically to the Indonesian representatives that the

proposed list is selected as the best buyers to receive Primaduta award 2016.

g. Indonesian representatives abroad/Trade Attache/ITPC/ Indonesian

Economic and Trade Office to Taipei will then forward the information to the

concerned buyers.

h. The President will present the Primaduta award through the head of

Indonesian representatives who proposed the buyers as the best buyers. The

award will be granted in conjunction with the opening of Trade Expo Indonesia

in October 2016 in Jakarta.