Germany Bought Huge Amounts of Organic Coconut Sug
Flores Farm GmbH, facilitated by Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia, bought huge amounts of organic coconut sugar worth of USD 800 thousands from PT. Profil Mitra Abadi (PMA) for a period of one year ahead.

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Indonesian Culture Festival at Mall of Berlin 2016
A festival promoting Indonesian culture called “Wonderful Indonesia” was held at Mall of Berlin on 17th-18th June 2016. It was a collaboration program between the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin and ITPC Hamburg in order to promote Indonesian cultur ... Read more
Lange Nacht der Indonesien Konsulate in Hamburg
More than 400 visitors crowded Indonesian Consulate General in Hamburg to witness the promotion of the event Lange Nacht der Konsulate (Long Night at the Consulate) on 26 May 2016 from 18:00 s.d. 22:00. This arts and culture promotion activities wer ... Read more
Grand Opening of House Of Indonesia in Bremen
House of Indonesia is located in the center of Bremen, precisely in CityLab (formerly Lloydhof), Ansgarikirchhof 1-21, 28195 Bremen. CityLab is a shopping mall that was just opened on 27th April 2016 by Senator for Economy, Labor and Harbor, Martin G ... Read more
Rempah-rempah Asal Kendari Diborong Importir Jerman
KENDARI, — Importir asal Jerman, Indonesia-Consult RS GmbH, membeli produk rempah dari CV Multi Rempah Sulawesi (MRS) senilai 600.000 dollar AS atau Rp 8 miliar (kurs 13.335 perdollar AS) di Kendari, Sulawesi Tenggara.

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