Coffee collective cupping schedule during COTECA 2016: everyday at 10:30 – 11:30 in the morning and 13:30 to 14:30 in the afternoon.

Flores Farm GmbH, facilitated by Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia, bought huge amounts of organic coconut sugar worth of USD 800 thousands from PT. Profil Mitra Abadi (PMA) for a period of one year ahead.

One of the Director in the Directorate General of National Export Development of the Ministry of Trade, Merry Maryati, expressed her gratitude and appreciation on this business transaction. She stated, “Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia will continue to support the diversification of Indonesia’s export products, particularly organic products, to expand their market to the prospective European region and Germany in particular” while attending the contract signing between the two parties in Purwokerto, Central Java.

European consumers are known to be very detail in choosing products. They tend to consider the reputation of the products as well as countries of origin, particularly food products. Organic products are healthy and safe, rather than artificial sweetening products. Merry Maryati also stated, “food products that come with health, fair trade, and organic certificates are trusted by the European consumers.

Here lies the comparative advantage of PT. Profil Mitra Abadi in which not being a profitoriented company, but rather as a company that taking the welfare of farmers into account. There are approximately 5,000 farmers involved from various regions of Indonesia”. In Indonesia, coconut has a very high economic value due to the variety of products that can be produced from it in order to fulfill the economic, social, and cultural needs. Almost all part of a single coconut tree can be utilized to produce nata de coco, soy sauce, coconut water, dessicated coconut, virgin coconut oil, coconut milk, and many more.

This sector also offers job opportunities from both plantation and industrial sector. In 2015, Export of Indonesia’s coconut sugars shows positive trend for the last five years (31%) worth of USD 38,23 million. The biggest five export destinations are the United States (64,48%), Netherlands (9,18%), Australia (4,56%), South Korea (3,86), and Canada (3,18%). Germany is in the 14th place.

Recent News

ITPC – Interzoo 2018Indonesian Cultural Night in KielICONIC 2018, HannoverITPC visited paper and canned tuna ImporterMeeting with a start-up company and a potential buyer in Berlin

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A festival promoting Indonesian culture called “Wonderful Indonesia” was held at Mall of Berlin on 17th-18th June 2016. It was a collaboration program between the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin and ITPC Hamburg in order to promote Indonesian culture and Indonesian products to the German public.

Mall of Berlin was chosen because it is strategically located near the main business centers such as Potsdamer Platz and Sony Center. It is also the second largest shopping mall in the city and has an area of about 210.000 square meters. Ever since the opening in September 2014, Mall of Berlin became one of the biggest Malls in Germany with many visitors visiting especially during the weekend.

As the festival kicked off at 10 am, visitors have been shown various cultural activities that were provided by diaspora. The stages were designed with various appearances dedicated to entertain the visitors, ranging from live band, storytelling for children, poetry reading, fashion show, Indonesian cultural instrument Angklung and Gamelan performance and traditional Indonesian dances such as Tari Cendrawasih, Tari Reog Ponogoro, Tari Gading Alit, Tari Jejer Gandrung. Some even came directly from Indonesia. Apart from displaying cultural activities, visitors were also invited to taste Indonesian delicacy “Nasi Tumpeng”.

Some of our business participants, who opened a booth at this festival were:

  • Indonesia Consult RS GmbH , providing organic food
  • Dr. Weiglein Expeditions GmbH Gelnhausen, Tourism Industry Papua
  • PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk, Instant noodles
  • PT. Duta Serpack Inti (2Tang), tea products
  • House of Indonesia, Indonesian handicraft products
  • Regio Spectra Berlin, Indonesian themed publisher
  • Big Tree Farms Deutschland, Organic food Importer

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Berlin and ITPC Hamburg also promoted Indonesian export commodity and the biggest trade fair in Indonesia “Trade Expo Indonesia 2016”.

More than 400 visitors crowded Indonesian Consulate General in Hamburg to witness the promotion of the event Lange Nacht der Konsulate (Long Night at the Consulate) on 26 May 2016 from 18:00 s.d. 22:00. This arts and culture promotion activities were celebrated with Mayor’s office of Hamburg with the theme ‘In 240 Minuten um die welt’ or ‘Watching The World In 240 Minutes‘. The guests of honor of this events were State Minister of Economics, Transport and Innovation City of Hamburg, Dr. Rolf Bösinger and staffs.

At the “lange nacht”, ITPC Hamburg presented variety of new Indonesian products, such as skin care, tea, coffee, cacao, handicrafts, as well as spices and herbs. Many visitors were attracted to have a look and buy the products. One of the visitors is very interested in skin care products and intended to buy the skin care sample. To sum up the promotional activities at the “lange nacht”, many visitors, especially German visitors, indeed showed their interest in Indonesian products. So to all Indonesians what are you waiting for, promote your export product to Germany through ITPC Hamburg.

House of Indonesia is located in the center of Bremen, precisely in CityLab (formerly Lloydhof), Ansgarikirchhof 1-21, 28195 Bremen. CityLab is a shopping mall that was just opened on 27th April 2016 by Senator for Economy, Labor and Harbor, Martin Guenther. House of Indonesia stands on an area of 284,59 M2 and occupied by 31 companies with the scope of products including furniture, home decor, fashion, batik, processed food and beverages, coffee, tea, footwear, handbags and handicraft.

House of Indonesia officially opened on 20th May 2016, which was marked by ceremonial event “ribbon cutting” performed by the Deputy Minister of Economy, Labor and Harbor Bremen, Director of Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH, General Consul of Republic of Indonesia in Hamburg, the Indonesian Trade Attaché in Berlin, Head of ITPC Hamburg, Managing Director of House of Indonesia and Head of Planning and Regional Development of South Tangerang city. Also present at the opening ceremony South Tangerang entrepreneurs who display their products in House of Indonesia, delegation of the Regional Government of South Tangerang city who facilitated 15 SMEs in House of Indonesia, Bremen city officials and entrepreneurs in Bremen and Hamburg and also the media press in Germany.

In his speech, Deputy Minister of Economy, Labor and Harbor Bremen, Ekkehart Siering, expressed his pride to be able to strengthen the bilateral relations between Indonesia and Bremen, in particular in the field of international trade. Bremen and Indonesia are two friends who have had cooperative relationship which is very broad and close. The cooperative relationship not only limited through cooperation in trade but also through collaborative relationships in capacity building in the field of port and supporting infrastructure that has been running since the beginning of 2008. Through the opening of House of Indonesia in Bremen as one of the major trading cities in Germany, hopefully this could intensify the bilateral relations between Indonesia and Germany in the future.

In her speech, General Consul of Republic of Indonesia in Hamburg, Sylvia Arifin, stated that the close relationships between Indonesia and Bremen had been established long before the founding of Republic of Indonesia. The trade relations between Indonesia and Bremen in tobacco since the end of 19th century is the tipping point of close relations between the two countries. From the perspective of Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia in Hamburg, Germany, trade between Indonesia and Bremen is expected to show gradual increase. Throughout the year of 2015, trade value of Indonesia-Bremen trade relations increased for 39% (EUR 137,4 millions).

Meanwhile in his speech Director of ITPC Hamburg stated following points:

    1. Through giving full support and facilitating the House of Indonesia in Bremen, Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia hopes to bring Indonesian products closer to consumers and buyer in Europe especially in Germany, to develop market access, promotion, and business networks, to help finding business partners (importer, retailer, and distributor) in order to increase sales as well as to create marketing networks for Indonesian leading products; and also for Brand Development of Indonesian products, House of Indonesia is expected to be a right media to introduce Indonesian products.
    1. The expected goals of House of Indonesia is to be “a window” in introducing Indonesian leading and prospective products directly in the German market. With the existence of House of Indonesia, it will provide not only the space but also opportunity for the consumers or prospective buyers to have a close look at the advantages of Indonesia products and further, buy Indonesian products.
    1. With the opening of House of Indonesia in Bremen, it is expected to be one of the effective instruments to facilitate business actors such as Indonesian exporters and Germany’s importers/buyer in establishing business relations and it is also expected to generate trade transactions on an ongoing basis.

The Head of Planning and Regional Development of South Tangerang city, Teddy Meiyadi Affandi, during his speech, also delivered his expectation that after the opening of House of Indonesia could bring about the improvement and expansion of SMEs markets into the German market and European Union in general.

A TV One Correspondent in Bremen, Germany interviewed the Director of ITPC Hamburg on the sidelines of the House of Indonesia opening ceremony. In the interview, the Director of ITPC Hamburg gave detailed explanation on the history as well as aims and purposes of House of Indonesia.

At the opening ceremony, the organizer also showcased Indonesian cultural night apart from presentations on the products that are being displayed in House of Indonesia. Indonesian cultural night featured a variety of authentic Indonesian arts and cultural performances (folk dances), such as Balinese dance, Jaipong dance, angklung and acoustic performance by Indonesian students association in Bremen as well as by the representative of South Tangerang city delegation. At the end of the Indonesian cultural night, the door prize winner was also announced. The door prize is a one-way Bremen – Jakarta flight ticket sponsored by the branch office of Turkish Airlines in Bremen, Germany.

KENDARI, — Importir asal Jerman, Indonesia-Consult RS GmbH, membeli produk rempah dari CV Multi Rempah Sulawesi (MRS) senilai 600.000 dollar AS atau Rp 8 miliar (kurs 13.335 perdollar AS) di Kendari, Sulawesi Tenggara.

Demikian dijelaskan Direktur Pengembangan Promosi dan Citra Direktorat Jenderal Pengembangan Ekspor Nasional (PEN), Merry Maryati, seusai menyaksikan program buying mission antara Indonesia-Jerman di Kendari, Senin (9/5/2016).

Menurut dia, Indonesia merupakan pemasok rempah ketiga terbesar ke Jerman. Selama 2015, Indonesia menjadi pemasok rempah ketiga terbesar ke Jerman setelah Brasil dan Vietnam dengan pangsa sebesar 16,51 persen.

“Selama lima tahun terakhir, ekspor rempah Indonesia ke Jerman mengalami pertumbuhan positif sebesar 14,53 persen dengan nilai ekspor 45,88 juta dollar AS pada 2015,” ujar Merry, melalui rilis ke

Program buying mission Kementerian Perdagangan (Kemendag), kata dia, memberikan kontribusi besar bagi ekspor nasional. Program ini akan terus dijalankan secara berkesinambungan.

“Program buying mission ini merupakan bukti dukungan pemerintah dalam meningkatkan ekspor produk Indonesia ke pasar global,” katanya.

Berkat kerja sama yang terjalin dengan ITPC Hamburg, Indonesia-Consult RS GmbH akan terus memanfaatkan fasilitasi Ditjen PEN dalam program buying mission ini.

Kepala ITPC Hamburg Bambang Jaka Setiawan menjelaskan, dengan adanya program buying mission, produk rempah-rempah ini diharapkan akan dapat mempertahankan kejayaan rempah Indonesia di Eropa, terutama di Jerman.

Source: Kompas

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Atlanta, 17 April 2016 – Entering the last day of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Expo 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States (US), transactions for Indonesian coffee succeeded in recording transactions reaching USD 35 million for 392 containers. This value is the transactions total achieved at the expo, through MoU signed, and from the auction results. The transaction total is expected to continue to increase up to several months in the future.

Indonesia held a live coffee auction at the Indonesian Pavilion. This auction captured the attention of various coffee industry practitioners in the US such as importers, roasters, baristas, the media, and other specialty coffee communities.

“The coffee auction held at the SCAA Expo is the first time we had done an auction and we should be proud of the achievement we recorded here today,” said Merry Maryati.

The Washington D.C. Trade Attaché, Reza Pahlevi Chairul, said that the coffee auction succeeded in attaining transactions amounting to USD 11,900 or around IDR 160 million, “All 17 select specialty coffee that were auctioned off were sold in only 3 hours,” added Reza.

According to Reza, the best coffee that was sold at the auction was from Mount Puntang, West Java. This coffee auction was won by Phil Goodlayson from Corvus Coffee, Denver, as the highest bidder with USD 55/kg or around IDR 750,000/kg. “This is the latest record in Indonesian coffee auctions,” he added.

The live auction process was intense. The auction began with a coffee cupping so that the participants of the auction could try before hand and know for sure the characteristics of the coffee being auctioned. The auction was hosted by Rocky Rhodes, a professional coffee auctioneer that is quite famous in the circle of the world’s specialty coffee community.

The Seventeen specialty coffee that were auctioned were Mount Puntang, Mekar Wangi, Manggarai, Malabar Honey, Atu Lintang, Toraja Sapan, Bluemoon Organic, Gayo Organic, Java Cibeber, Catur Washed Coffee, West Java Pasundan Honey, Arabica Toraja, Flores Golewa, Redelong, Preanger Weninggalih, Flores Ende, and Java Temanggung.

A Farmer Gives a Lecture

Not only were the coffee that was special, Indonesian coffee farmers were also extraordinary. A farmer from the Regency of Simalungun, North Sumatra, named Leo Purba gave a lecture at the SCAA Expo.

Leo gave a lecture on the wet hulling technique entitled “Exploring Semi Wash Process and Farmer’s Challenges in Facing Global Market” to the audience that were in attendance at the SCAA.

“During this lecture, it was discussed that the third wave coffee movement provided a huge positive influence in driving the improvement of the process to refine the coffee processing quality in Indonesia. This development ultimately made Indonesian coffee farmers become more competitive in meeting the demands of world’s specialty coffee market,” said the Ministry of Trade’s Director of Promotions and Image Development, Merry Maryati.

Other topics that was captured the attention of the audience included the development of the role and empowerment of women in Indonesia’s coffee industry. This topic was discussed during the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Breakfast morning discussion, which was attended by the Ministry of Trade’s Head of the Strategic Issue Management Center, Ni Made Ayu Marthini.

During the occasion, the IWCA served the Jawa Sunda Arabica Coffee from Mount Papandayan. The IWCA truly appreciates the momentum of Portrait Country Indonesia and hopes to establish cooperation with the Indonesian Government and Indonesia coffee entrepreneurs to develop the empowerment of women in the coffee supply chain and industry in Indonesia.

A Trip to Indonesia

At the expo this time, the idea of holding an SCAA Origin Trip to Indonesia, which had previously never been done before, was explored. This plan had been previously discussed by the Indonesian Delegation and Peter Gulliano, SCAA’s Senior Director of Symposium.

The SCAA Origin Trip will also be made into a momentum to promote and educate people about Indonesian coffee from US roasters with farmers and suppliers of Indonesian specialty coffee. This event is scheduled to be held in October 2016, coinciding with the holding of the 31st Trade Expo Indonesia.

For further information please contact:

Ani Mulyati, Head of Public Relations Bureau Ministry of Trade, Phone/Fax: 021-3860371/021-3508711 Email:

Merry Maryati, Director of Promotions and Image Development Directorate General of National Export Development Ministry of Trade, Phone/Fax: 021-23528644/021-23528654 Email:

Reza Pahlevi, Chairul Trade Attaché Indonesian Embassy in Washington DC, Email:

The Dekranas Award ceremonial event will be attracting the attention of all handicraft artisans in Indonesia, where the best 52 craftworks from every part of the country will receive the most prestigious award in the crafts world. These award-winning crafts will have topped a number of 288 craftworks that are competing. The awards are scheduled to be presented on 17th May 2016, on Dekranas’ 36th anniversary in Jakarta.

The Director General of National Export Development for the Ministry of Trade, Nus Nuzulia Ishak, revealed that the award serves as a gateway for the award-winning craftworks to enter the international market and boost non-oil and gas exports.

“The Dekranas Award is an important event to increase non-oil and gas exports,” Nus emphasized (15/4).

As a creative product, crafts succeeded to record the second highest export value among the 16 subsectors in the category. In 2015, the value of this commodity export is recorded at USD 704.22 million, or increased compared to the previous year of USD 694.34 million. In January 2016, the achievement of this product’s export value reached the level of USD 55.55 million with the main export countries of the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

The Dekranas Award is an event to support local artisans to step up from competing at the local level to the global market. “Therefore, we will include the winners’ works to compete at the World Craft Council Award (WCC Award) at the Asian Pacific level next October 2016 in Kuwait,” Nus stated.

The Dekranas Award for the Best Craftwork is a national-level award for artisans throughout Indonesia. This event also includes quality crafts with unique designs, based on local wisdom and culture while simultaneously following the dynamics of trend changes and market preference. Through this event, the Trade Ministry also participates in the growth of domestic craft industry, particularly those using raw materials from textile, natural fiber, ceramics, wood, stones, metal, natural original materials, and processed materials.

The craftworks which have been registered to compete at the 2015 Dekranas Award reached 288 works. They are categorized into 8 categories, consisting of textile or cloths (120 crafts), natural fiber (31 works), ceramics (34 works), wood (27 works), stones (19 works), metal (11 works), natural original material such as leather, shells, clams, bones, mammoth ivory, and animal fur/nails (30 works), and processed new materials such as acrylic glass, polyester plastic, resins, and paraffin wax (16 works).

From that amount there are still 141 craftworks, which passed the selection to enter the judging panel in Jakarta on 14-16th December 2015. Based on the evaluation results, as much as 52 craftworks where chosen to receive the Dekranas Award 2015. These craftworks have fulfilled the judgment’s pre-requirements and requirements; the former being eco-friendly (environmentally sustainable) and fairness (fulfill social responsibilities). Furthermore, requirements which become the evaluation points are excellence, authenticity, innovation, and marketability.

2016 Exemplary Mentors Dekranas Award

Apart from the artisans, the Dekranas Award will also be presented to the provincial executive board of Dekranas, or Dekranasda. These awards will be presented for their achievements in mentoring and developing the crafts sector in their area of accreditation.

The national Dekranas collaborated with the Trade Ministry in organizing the 2016 Exemplary Mentors Dekranas Award, where 17 provinces participated, namely West Java, East Java, Central Java, D.I. Yogyakarta, DKI Jakarta, Lampung, Bengkulu, Riau, Jambi, West Sumatra, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, Central Sulawesi, South East Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, and East Kalimantan.

The judging stage of the 2016 Exemplary Mentors Dekranas Award has been held on 11-13th April 2016. The practitioners at the judging panel included Hermawan Kertajaya (Mark Plus Inc.), Kemal Effendi Gani (Majalah Swa), and Robby Kusumaharta (KADIN). The ability in coordination, sensitivity, creativity, commitment, and independence were the criteria of evaluation in this event. The award for winners will also be granted at the Best Craftworks Dekranas Award ceremony.

“We aim to motivate the officials at the provincial boards of Dekranasda, which collaborated with the regency/city Dekranasda in building creative artisans in their area. It is the results of their collaboration which are able to advance regional potential through the creation of value-added and highly competitive products,” said Nus. –end–

For further information please contact:

Ani Mulyati, Head of Public Relations Bureau Ministry of Trade, Phone/Fax: 021-3860371/021-3508711 Email:

Sulistyawati, Director of National Export Products Directorate General of National Export Development Ministry of Trade, Phone/Fax: 021- 23528644/021- 23528654 Email:

The Trade Ministry’€™s sophomore buying mission scheme has encouraged more foreign importers to ink deals with local exporters, says an official.
According to data from the ministry, the scheme has facilitated trade contracts worth up to US$110.7 million so far this year. The buying mission closed deals worth around $50 million in the previous year.
The ministry’€™s director of promotion and image development Pradnyawati explained on Friday that the buying mission scheme aimed at facilitating prospective foreign importers to come to the country and close deals with local traders by reimbursing airfares and accommodation costs incurred during the visits.
The scheme is a joint cooperation of the ministry’€™s overseas representatives, Indonesian trade attaches and Indonesian Trade Promotion Centers ( ITPCs ).

Source: The Jakarta Post