On this occasion, ITPC Hamburg delivered 4 samples of cocoa products from Indonesia company. In addition to cocoa products, the company is also active in trading in the fields of media, culture, and music. The products they offer are books, CDs and music videos, and musical instruments. Seeing the potential for art and musical instruments, ITPC Hamburg offers Indonesian guitar products that are carved and decorated with batik patterns.
On the meeting, the General Manager of the company was interested in knowing more about products that could be imported from Indonesia. The products currently being sought, in addition to music and cacao instrument products from Indonesia, namely dried fish/seafood products, rare earth elements from electronic waste and home decor. For more information contact us via info@itpchamburg.de

ITPC visited INTERZOO (International Pet Industry’s Leading Exhibition) fair on 08-11 May 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany. INTERZOO is one of the biggest international pet industry exhibitions in the world. Around 2,000 companies participated in this event and there were no less than 40,000 visitors from over 100 countries. There were 19 Indonesian companies that participated in this event. In 2017, Indonesia was the 7th biggest LIVE ORNAMENTAL FISH (EXCL. FRESHWATER) exporter with 5.59% from Germany’s total import. Until January 2018, the total import value rose 7.38%. Indonesia is leading in the first position in the sector of LIVE ORNAMENTAL FISH (EXCL. FRESHWATER) in Germany. During the visit to INTERZOO exhibition, ITPC Hamburg met with officers from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), who were one of the main exhibitors in that exhibition. In a meeting with Secretary of Directorate General of Product Competitiveness at the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Mr. Berny A. Subki, ITPC Hamburg received inputs regarding issues on tariffs imposed by German government on fisheries products and its derivatives. These are believed to be able to be concluded into the FTA scheme, which are still being discussed by Indonesia and the European Union (EU). With the reduction of tariffs, the price of Indonesian products are able to compete with products from Vietnam, Thailand, and other countries that already has a pre-existing FTA with the EU. Furthermore, ITPC Hamburg and KKP will support each other in the implementation of the exhibition, as well as follow-up the buyer’s request from Germany. Besides meeting with KKP, ITPC Hamburg also made time to discuss with exhibitors from Indonesia. The discussion yielded one main problem faced by businessmen, logistics in Indonesia. Lastly, KJRI Frankfurt held a Business Matching that concluded with dinner.

ITPC Hamburg attended Indonesian Cultural Night with the theme: “Grand Opening Nusantara” in Christian-Albrecht-Universität, Kiel on 12 May 2018. The event was organized by PPI Kiel. They proposed that ITPC Hamburg helped in sponsoring so that we are able to introduce and promote products, tourism, and culinary from Indonesia. The event was opened with a speech from Consul General of Indonesia for Hamburg, Dr. Bambang Susanto, followed by performances such as dances, a choir, martial arts, as well as a brief introduction to Indonesian culture as well as its main products. About 450 audiences came from all over the world, with an age range of 20-30 year olds. The audiences were very enthusiastic, as they were astonished by the traditional dances as well as a video of Indonesia’s tourism sites. This cultural night is a very positive method to promote Indonesian culture, tourism, and products with the target market of foreign students studying in Germany. ITPC Hamburg hopes that similar events can be held by each representative from PPI in Germany with a bigger scale and promotion. ITPC Hamburg is prepared to supply with promotion materials as well as sample products when requested.

ITPC Hamburg was involved in Hannover’s ICONIC (International Conference of Integrated Intellectual Community) which took place on 28-29 April 2018. The event was held in Leibniz Universität Hannover, Welfengarten 1, 30167 Hannover with the theme: “Science and Technology for Sustainable Development”. Many elements attended the event, including Embassy of Indonesia in Berlin, Consulate General of Indonesia in Hamburg, ITPC Hamburg, PPI Amerop, Radio PPI Dunia, representatives from universities/institutions from Indonesia and Germany, as well as observers from various German cities. ITPC Hamburg participated in this event that was held by PPI Jerman in order to further trigger ideas in the field of science and technology in Indonesia. During a speech from the Indonesian Ambassador for Germany, Arif Havas Oegroseno, LL.M stated that one thing we are able to do is change the mindset towards waste in order to be able to generate both capital and energy.

On April 26, 2018, the ITPC Hamburg team revisited one of the paper and Tuna Importer office to reiterate the company’s potential purchase of paper and canned tuna commodity. During this meeting, the purchasing manager had specific and strict demands regarding the purchase of both the paper and canned tuna commodity. ITPC Hamburg proposed 3 Indonesian companies for the company’s paper commodity, and 2 Indonesian companies for the canned tuna commodity. AS for the paper commodity, he believes the Indonesian suppliers are charging a steep margin as he believes the suppliers are referring to European suppliers’ pricing. If he follows the bargain, he believes it would be the same as purchasing supplies straight from Europe. As for the canned tuna commodity, he believes that the price for the quality of the product is not in accordance, seeing as EU’s GSP tariff rate on it is at 20.5%. Still, regarding the purchase, he had an inquiry to the possibility of shipping supplies straight from Indonesia on behalf of the German company instead of the supplier. He would like to know if this action would disrupt any customs regulation. Lastly, he expressed interest in other commodities such as canned pineapples and canned fruit cocktails. However, this potential purchase would continue after they succeed in their trial purchase of purchasing the paper and canned tuna commodity.

Following up on a potential trade, ITPC Hamburg meet with a German start-up company on the 11th April 2018 in Berlin.

On the 9th of April 2018, ITPC Hamburg received a visit by a potential buyer in the organic food sector. There was also already a planned site visit to Indonesia to meet with the potential seller.

The meeting with one of the biggest German manufacturer in the natural wax sector was arranged in cooperation with PT. Kirana Mitraabadi on the 14th of March 2018. Following which PT. Kirana Mitraabadi also visited ITPC Hamburg to discuss further steps to improve business relationship.

At Biofach 2018, ITPC Hamburg, along with the Indonesian Trade Attaché Brussels and Agriculture Attaché Brussels, was supporting and facilitating five Indonesian companies in an effort to increase awareness of Indonesian organic products and suppliers in Germany!

Co-exhibiting at Biofach 2018 are following companies:

  • PT. Bloom Agro
  • PT. Sumatran Organic Spice
  • PT. Harendong Green Farm
  • PT. Herbalokal Eksotis Indonesia
  • PT. Kampung Kearifan Indonesia – Javara

To support Indonesian supplier in promotion their products in Germany,

ITPC Hamburg attended the exhibiton  Ambiente 2018, an international trade fair offering a unique diversity in the Dining, Giving and Living areas!

Following are the participants from Indonesia at Ambiente 2018: